100 Day Loans Site Review

by GuestPoster on December 29, 2010

100 Day Loans is a website that is offering revolutionary 100 Day Loans. This means that you can get a cash advance and have 100 days to pay it back. Other short term money lenders generally require that the money be paid back within 14 days or two pay periods. With a longer loan that is still not long enough to be considered a personal loan people can get the money that they need without having to sign on for a personal loan.

This all sounds splendid but how do you get approved for a 100 day loan? The website states that all you have to do is fill out a quick application which they will then distribute your information to 100+ lending institutions to get you the best rate. Their approval times are fast for an online lending company and you may get your approval in as little as an hour. With this type of loan it is important to talk to a qualified lender or financial advisor to make sure that you are making the best decision.

With many pay day advance companies there is always a chance that it is a scam. So, is 100 Day Loans a scam? There is little information to prove or disprove their services as a scam. Since this is a relatively new idea and service there has not been all that much research done on them. For every pay day advance place that is genuine there are probably a few that are fake. When you decide to take out a pay day loan there are always risks. There are several sites that claim to host 100 Day Loan review material but few offer individual stories from users.

One thing that you have to be sure to watch out for are hidden fees. With pay day advance loans, or any loans for that matter, you have to be sure that you read all of the literature offered to you no matter how much or how little you are given. By reading the information that you are given you decrease the chances that you will get scammed by a company. When you decide to take out a loan it is ideal that you talk to a financial advisor but if this is not possible the internet is a great resource for information. If you invest the time to search out information you will make it harder for companies to pull the wool over your eyes.

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