3 Easy Kitchen Storage Ideas

by GuestPoster on September 5, 2011

At one point or another, most people encounter the problem of running out of kitchen space.  It’s easy for your kitchen to become cluttered with dishes, appliances, utensils, food, and decorations after a while.  This problem is even bigger when the space is small to begin with.  So knowing how to organize your kitchen is important, and increasing the amount of storage space available is a great place to start.  Here are three simple kitchen storage ideas that will give you more usable storage space in a snap.

First, are you really using all the space in your kitchen?  There may be several places you haven’t thought of as storage spots.  If you have hanging cabinets, you may be able to fit a few things in the space between their tops and the ceiling.  This is a good place for larger cooking pots, crock pots, and other small appliances like food processors.  You may need a stool to reach them, but it’s worth it to free up some counter space.  If there’s a gap between any of your counters, you can use this as storage space too.

Now you should try to add organization to the areas you’re already using for storage.  Drawers get cluttered quickly, especially the dreaded “junk drawer”.  Drawer organizers can be found almost anywhere and are the perfect way to renovate your disorganized kitchen drawers.  Simply take everything out of the drawers, place the organizers inside, and then replace the items in a more orderly fashion.  You should end up finding a few things you don’t even need as well.

Try reorganizing your pantry too if you have one.  Take everything out first, just like you did with the drawers.  Then sort through the items and see if there’s anything that can be thrown out.  Chances are you have several food items that you completely forgot about and are now expired.  Once you organize your pantry, this will no longer happen because you’ll be able to see everything stored inside.  Pantry organizers are a simple addition that will make a big difference.  You can incorporate more shelving, sliding or hanging baskets, spice racks, a kitchen lid organizer and similar things to store your foods.

Just these three kitchen storage ideas alone will make a big improvement in the way your kitchen looks.  If you want to take it even further, organize your cabinets and fridge as well.  Remember that the goal is to use all the storage space available in the most efficient way possible.

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