3 Major Things You Should Not Do If You Want To Win Your Ex Back

by Kelvin Redfield on September 8, 2011

If you just recently experienced a break up, the very first you need to do is stay calm and think logically. It is normal for one to act illogically sometime after a breakup, but this is obviously not the smartest move one can do. If you let your emotion get the better over you, there is a high chance that you may jeopardize your only chance to fix your broken relationship. Believe it or not, every of your action in the next days or weeks could determinate between life and death of your relationship with your ex-partner. There are 3 major things that you shouldn’t do at all cost.

First of all, try refraining yourself from calling your ex. I know that this might sound crazy, but this action will only push your ex away even further. Constant bombardment with phone calls or text messaging is a big no-no in the making up game. A series of phone calls or text messaging will only make them felt annoyed instead of being grateful. Not only that, this phone harassment will only make your ex focus on your bad points. So, remember, this is the last thing you want to do. In fact, you should use the time to reflect on your action or your time being together.

The second thing is you need to stop being needy. Clinging on to your ex and telling them how much you need or miss your ex is worse than phone harassment. You are making the whole thing worse. This kind of action gives your ex the impressions that you are immature guy who cannot even stand on his own two feet and don’t have self-respect. In other word, you are making yourself look bad. The most appropriate action is acting composure and appears fine. This is a very good way to get your ex back. Remember, good impression is important.

Begging them to return is the very last thing you need to do, or rather you should not reserve this as an option at all. Begging after a break-up is nothing but a disaster. No matter how genuine your emotions or feeling is, begging can make the whole situation beyond the repair. Instead of trying to figure out what went wrong and caused the breakup, you choose to ignore them and beg your ex back just for the sake of want to be together again. Even if your ex agreed, this relationship obviously will not last long as long as the reason that caused breakup is there and remains unsolved. Plus, begging give your ex an impression that you are not a dependable or reliable person.

Now you know that letting your emotion determinate your love life is not actually a wise choice, especially after a break-up. While it seems logical for one to calls or trying to keep in touch with your ex after a breakup, it actually a bad move and may destroy your solely chance to get your ex back. During the breakup, going outside for a drink with your friends is much better option to calm your mind. Once your mind is clear, then it is the only time for you to decide whether you want to save the relationship or not.

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