3 Tips for Shy Guys to Meet Women

by GuestPoster on January 11, 2011

I was talking to my friend the other day, and he was having trouble with women.  He was having a hard time meeting women, and once he met them he didn’t know what to do.  I gave him my 3 best tips, and his life changed radically.  Follow them and you should get the same results too.

Tip number 1: When approaching women look for signals.
There is this myth that any man should be able to take any kind of rejection that is thrown at them.  Well, the reality is that most men don’t like rejection and avoid it.  Put this together with the fact that men are expected to approach women, and you a recipe for failure.

The key to approaching women, is to watch for their signals.  Most women who are interested in you will give you a signal if they want you to approach.  What you need to look for, is a woman who makes eye contact and smiles at you.  This is a good indication that she’s interested in talking to you.  When you see this go ahead and approach her.

Tip number 2: Put a secret weapon in your arsenal.
There has been a lot of research lately on how chemicals affect human behavior.  These chemicals are called pheromones, and they do indeed affects many levels of human behavior.  Supplementing your own natural pheromone production was something like Chikara Cologne for men can be a great way to boost both your confidence and your attractiveness to women.

Just be careful here.   Pheromone products can be very powerful and can give you great results, but a lot of them that are on the market right now are just scams.  Make sure that you are ordering from a reputable supplier with a good guarantee.

Tip number 3: Pay attention to your grooming.
You don’t need to look like the cover of GQ in order to attract women.  In fact, most women are more attracted to men who are confident, then men who are super good looking.  However, having a nice haircut, clean cut  facial hair, and wearing decent clothes goes a long way.

I dare you to try out my 3 tips.  You are shy guy looking to meet women, these will really help.

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