5 Tips To Save Money On Diapering

by GuestPoster on February 18, 2011

Using disposable diapers for your baby can cost anywhere from $1500 to $2500 from newborn to potty trained.  But there are several ways that can help you significantly cut this cost down.  This article lists 5 great ways to save on diapering your baby.

1. Cloth Diapering

Even if you cloth diaper part time, you can save a whole bunch of money.  While cloth diapers cost more initially, using them even one or two days a week can cut down your disposable costs.  I suggest trying pocket diapers, as they are easy to use, easy to wash, and nice and absorbent.  Fuzzibunz Inserts, for example, are really absorbent.  Whatever diaper system you choose–prefolds, pocket diapers, fitteds or All In Ones–you will save money on diapering–possibly half of the money you would have spent on disposables.

2. Elimination Communication

Whether you are cloth diapering or disposable diapering, elimination communication (EC) can help reduce the number of diaper changes you make significantly, even if you only practice part time.  Reducing the number of diaper changes you make will save you money.  If you are cloth diapering, it will reduce the number of laundry loads  you do.  If you are using disposables, you will cut down on the number of diapers you need and buy.

Elimination communication is a method of using cues, body language, timing and even intuition to deal with your baby’s poops and pees.  Basically, you are cuing them, or watching for their signals, and helping them to potty.  You can start this as early as you like.  Some parents start EC as early as their baby’s second day.  Others pick it up later, even after a year.

3. Make Your Own

Making your own diapers can take your savings to the next level.  I know one family that spent no more than $150 on their diapers and wipes for the entire time they used diapers for their children.  This was because they used recycled fabric–from blankets, flannel shirts and sheets–and made their own diapers using patterns and instructions they found from a google search.

4. Swim Diapers

Choose reusable swim diapers for babies.  As with cloth diapers, although a reusable swim diaper costs more than a disposable, you will only need to buy one or two.  That way you’ll save over all..

5. Buy Bulk

Whether you are using disposables or cloth diapers, buying bulk will cut your costs.  Storage may be a problem.  You can get much better deals in high volume.

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