6 Ways To Improve Your Quality of Sleep at Night

by GuestPoster on December 2, 2010

Is your body craving to be more productive during the day? Is being mentally sharp important to you? Does your emotional balance need a bit of a tune-up? The way you feel during the day all depends on how good your sleep was the night before. Most sleep deprivation and daytime fatigue can be traced back to your lifestyle habits during the day and at night. The following sleep tips will help give your body the good nights rest it so desperately craves.

Read something uplifting. Reading can help you relax before going to bed. Avoid books that will stimulate your mind or keep you in suspense. Try reading something spiritual or motivational that makes you feel good as you drift off to sleep.

Lose the excess pounds. Carrying those extra pounds can lead to a sleeping disorder known as sleep apnea.  Sleep apnea is a condition whereby your air passageways are not completely open which causes your to wake up frequently throughout the night.

Avoid Alcohol. Although alcohol has been known to make you feel drowsy the effects are often temporary. You will oftentimes wake up a few hours later with the inability to fall back to sleep again. Alcohol also prevents your mind from entering different realms of sleep. You body needs the deeper stages of sleep so that it can do its recovery and healing.

Take a hot bath or shower right before going to bed. The hot bath or shower will help raise your body’s temperature which signals to the mind that its time to wind down. As your body temperature lowers while in bed you’ll drift off to sleep as if you were a newborn.

Wear an eye mask. Eye masks block out any streams of light into the bedroom. Your best quality of sleep will be experienced when your bedroom is pitch black.

Reduce or avoid caffeine intake. Caffeine in tea, sodas and coffee has been known to keep many people from being able to fall asleep at night because the body does not completely metabolize the drinks.

The following tips will not only help to optimize your healthy but also they will help minimize insomnia and lay the foundation for a powerful and productive day of energy and peak performance. For more exciting ways that you can improve your sleep quality hop on over to Pillow Review.

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