7 Ways To Offer Gift Cards To A Person

by GuestPoster on December 5, 2010

Gift cards are becoming more and more popular as gifts for Christmas and birthdays, because not only do they let the gift-giver get away with not spending hours upon hours trying to think of something specific to get for somebody, but their convenience extends to how easy they are to keep hidden and slide to somebody discretely.

So, here are 7 ways to offer gift cards to a person without making it too obvious, like just handing them the card and saying “Here you go.”

* First way. If you are out to dinner with somebody, and you’ve gotten them a gift card for this restaurant. If they go to pay, say, “Oh, no..hold on.”, and give them the gift card. The laughs from that instance alone would be worth it.

* Second way. Find their wallet, purse or billfold and sneak it in while they are not looking. That will definitely surprise them when they open it up.

* Third way. Tape it on the door of their room while they are sleeping. When they wake up and open their door, they should see it. If they do not, refer to way number four.

* Fourth way. Take the gift card and tape it to the mirror of the bathroom. They have to see it if they use the restroom and wash their hands, which they should be doing anyways.

* Fifth way. Give them a Christmas or birthday card made to look like it’s the kind you give money in. Put the gift card in it instead.

* Sixth way. Buy a gift card online and then just have it sent to their address, so they get a surprise in the mail that isn’t marked from you! If you can, include some free gift cards no participation required.

* Seventh way. Take them to the store you bought the gift card at. If you bought the gift card correctly, they should be excited about being there. Then give them the gift card and let them enjoy it.

Those are seven ways that you can offer gift cards to a person, and hopefully they will have a sense of humor about it. Certainly, they will enjoy the benefits of having gift cards, including capability to check gift card balance online or through phone, and ultimately, buying the right kind of gift for themselves.

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