9 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Pimple Breakout

by Kelvin Redfield on July 17, 2011

Pimples are not a disease, and it does not harm to your health. Pimples basically are a tiny little infection in the skin pores. They appear because of a bacterium living on the surface of the skin. Bacterium is generally harmless until it gets into the skin pores. The matter become worse when you try to get rid of the pimple by squeezing them. The bacterium and pus spread underneath of the skin and form a new pimple. Keep squeezing the pimples without proper condition can lead to acne scars. Avoid disturbing the pimple is the best way as it will dissolve over time. However, if you can’t wait for that day to come, then you have to get rid of it by your own…with right methods and techniques.

Here are some of the simple steps for you to get rid of pimples quickly. You do not have to worry as these steps are actually doable for everyone and it do not cost any fortune.

1) Ice. Yes, Ice can be an effective item to reduce the swelling, and it will make the pimple less noticeable. Apply the ice on the pimple spot for few times a day.

2) Same as ice, toothpaste can be used to reduce the swelling. Apply on the affected spot for few times a day.

3) Drinking a lot of water, in fact is very effective method to get rid of acne. Water helps to remove toxin from your body. Without toxin, pimple will never happen.

4) If you are avid junk-food eater, then it is time for you to stop eating them. These foods can aggravate your acne condition. Also, avoid eating any foods that contain excess sugar and vegetable oils.

5) Garlic is another homemade item that can be use for treating acne. All you need to do is to massage the garlic on your face for few times a day. Do it for about a week for maximum results.

6) Many people do not know this, but having stress can trigger acne breakout. Try to eliminate stress from your life. Have a good night sleep is important, as it will strengthen the immune systems. Sleep well if you want to have a clear skin in your life.

7) Washing your face twice a day is a must. This will remove any particle or dirt from your skin pore. You do not want the dirt or dust blocking your skin pore.

8) Avoid using any oil-based moisturizers or make-up. These items can aggravate your skin, especially when you are suffering from acne. Using these items will worsen your skin condition.

9) Do not simply use any over-the-counter products if you are not sure about your skin condition. Consult with the dermatologist before you are using any skin care products.

Treating acne is never easy. They bound to come back once you neglect your body health. So, it is essential for one to maintain his health. The tips that given in the article can help you to hide and remove your pimple, and control them from spreading all over your face.

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