A Guide to Static Caravan Insurance

by GuestPoster on December 21, 2010

A mobile home or a static caravan can be used as a place to live in on a permanent basis or alternatively it can be used as a place for relaxation on vacation.  They have an added bonus that although they are fitted out similarly to a flat or holiday apartment, they are often a lot cheaper to rent for your holiday and are a great opportunity for a budget holiday.

There are reported cases where some static caravans are burglarized. Caravans, when unattended, can also be at risk of a fire and harsh weather exposure and flood can also damage a caravan. Such occurrences are covered by some static caravan insurance policies. Insurance companies also offer financial assistance for repairs and maintenance. If your location is near a body of water, then you are more likely to need to apply for caravan insurance because you are more prone to chances of flooding. Think of it as a means where you are providing assistance to your future because you really can’t tell when accidents can happen.

You can also avail of a static caravan insurance policy at a low price. One way is to look for isurance companies on the internet and compare their rates for caravan insurance. You can even ask for live telephone assistance to answer all your queries. Just be smart on choosing and make sure that the insurance company is reputable. Caravan insurance policies for expensive caravan models are more expensive than those for cheaper caravans. This is because the insurance company will never take the risk of paying or replacing the caravan in case it is completely destroyed.

The liability insurance is the most important part of the insurance. The insurance company should provide assistance in case problems, like an injury or death, occur inside the caravan. The insurance company shuold provide this for the people who will stay in the caravan.

In finding an insurance for your caravan, carefully read through their policies in order to know what situations they cover. There are insurance companies that will not pay for repairs for damages done by an animals, whilst some do not cover situations where expensive items, like gadgets, that are stolen while inside the caravan. The most common damage to caravans is vandalism so check your policy will cover you in the event of this happenning to you. There are also insurance companies that will replace the entire caravan if it is beyond repair. Imagine that your caravan catches fire and completely burned. In such worse case scenario, you have to spend hundreds of dollars to buy buy a new one. If you have a static caravan insurance, you’ll have another one at extremely low price or even for free.

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