A Hamster Tube Maze Can Keep Your Hamster Healthy

by GuestPoster on April 2, 2012

Hamster tube mazes offer a great way to help a hamster fight boredom and maintain a healthy weight. Hamsters are generally happier when provided with mazes of tubes that can travel both inside as well as outside of the cage.

Hamster owners will find a variety of tubes are available. Included in these are t-tubes, straight tubes, connectors, and U-turns. Parts are available in a large variety of eye-catching bright colors and can be mixed or matched to create a cheerful hamster maze. Due to the instinct of hamsters to burrow, they are attracted to the tubes naturally.

Plastic tubes can be interlinked in many different patterns to provide a unique hamster tube maze effect. The maze can be changed regularly to keep it challenging. Examples of the twist and turns the tubes can take include:

  • Figure eights
  • Circles
  • Slopes (both up and down)

Other possibilities for the hamster maze:

  • Tubes over a desk or under a bed
  • Additions of dead-ends
  • Look-out stations
  • Petting stations to allow you more interaction with the pet
  • Sleeping dome to provide a safe and secure place for your pet to burrow, nap and sleep.

Some hamster cages come equipped with tubes as a part of the overall design. However, even hamster owners that use a glass structure like an aquarium for a home for their hamster can add a series of connecting tubes around the bottom of the tank that makes the cage a more interesting place to live.

Tubes can also be used in connecting several cages together. This allows one cage to be placed at floor level with the other sitting on a shelf or desk. This provides a mini-maze for the pet. Watching your hamster climb up or down between cages makes the process even more fun to view.

Hamster owners will find that tubes are quite affordable. Plan to spend $10-15 for a package of connecting tubes that may contain four or more pieces. The internet allows pet owners to view several brands, styles and prices all within a matter of just a few minutes. Perhaps the best part is that everything can be ordered without having to leave your own comfortable home.

Keeping your hamster active is one of the best ways to ensure its health. Addition of hamster tube mazes is a great way to make sure your pet remains active and entertained. Owners will have great fun watching hamsters that work to navigate through a hamster maze.

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