A History Of Hair Implants For Balding

by GuestPoster on March 24, 2011

There is no doubt that you have heard a lot about hair implants if you are on a quest to learn how to treat your balding problems. This has become the top rated technique for men who really want to get hair growing on their head again and then be able to forget about the problem.  Everyone wants to find out about the hair implants cost but before you can get a price you really should learn more about the procedure. If not, you can never identify what is the right particular treatment for you.

I was not sure what to expected when I first heard about implants while I was exploring possible options to treat my own thinning problems.   So, I did some research to establish their foundation. As a matter of fact, the technique used for hair implants is actually not a completely new method of treating hair thinning.. The name popped up in 1950’s when some innovative doctors started to deal with hair loss via the transplantation of growing hair from one area of the patient’s head to the bald area. However, the method was initially utilized before that. It was originally tried in the 1930’s when Japanese surgeons were doing transplants of facial hair by utilizing the same procedure. Usually, they were concerned about transplanting eyebrows that were targeted for women and facial hair implants that were meant for men. Actually, these trail blazing surgeons were very successful and they achieved wonderful results until the Second World War broke out.  This actually terminated their research. Because of the war, most of the data that had been gathered was lost..

Fast forward to the present, the procedure we are using today is known as Follicular Unit Extraction but it is actually still founded on the old premise of getting hairs that are still growing from a section of the scalp, generally the posterior area, and then implanting them into the bald area.  The procedure has been refined to the point that a man can go into the clinic in the morning and come out in the afternoon with the entire procedure done.  With in a few months the transplanted follicles will start to take root and produce hair shaft material again.

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