A Wine Carrying Case: Some Options

by GuestPoster on August 25, 2011

Any time you are buying something, you are going to have to do a market analysis. You are going to have to look at what the options are, and then figure out the perfect cross-section between benefit and cost. This isn’t a simple thing to figure out because the benefits and the costs are all relative. Nevertheless, I am going to discuss, in some broad detail, the various options that exist for those of you considering a wine carrying case. So, without further delay, let us discuss:

- The Soft Case

In the wine world, there are plenty of soft case options. Now, don’t get confused, some soft cases are very good options, and are worth spending money on. For example, you can find some very nice leather cases that can go toe to toe with a hard case. However, it very well may be that for your purposes you may not need a hard case, or even a very nice soft case. One example is if you are just looking to keep your wine chilled for a bit while transporting it over to a friend’s house. In this case, instead of using a fancy case, I would probably go for something simple and just grab a neoprene sleeve, throw it over the bottle, and then throw that into a small cooler. Of course sometimes coolers aren’t the friendliest places, so I will stuff it with a few towels, and that will help to keep it insulated and protected.

Another option is that you can grab a small carry on bag that I would travel with, fill it with some strategically placed towels, and then place the bottles inside. If you are moving a few bottles over a short distance, this can be a very convenient way. After all, this way you can roll them, place them in the trunk, and not worry about anything. Just make sure you have arranged them in an intelligent fashion. Now, if you are intending on moving a single bottle or two, and if you intend on doing that often, I would suggest you consider some of the nicer leather options out there. They will provide some protection, and keep things looking classy.

- The Hard Case

Now, you should understand that some of the hard cases are going to look like leather cases. Think of these like briefcases in the sense that it isn’t about the material, it is about whether or not there is an internal frame or not. In most cases, a hard case isn’t really necessary for your wine, but if you travel with your wine a lot, or if you are traveling with very expensive wine, then I would recommend one. The simple benefit is that it will protect your wine better.

- The Super Case

So, to be clear, there aren’t cases out there that fall under the designation of being super cases, that is my proprietary phrase for a wine carrying case that goes above and beyond. An example of this would be a case that not only carries your wine, but also carries everything else that you would need to enjoy your wine. This wine carrying case might have a place for a wine aerator, a couple glasses, a bottle opener, etc. So, while there are a lot of options out there when you go to buy a wine carrying case, I recommend you get something that you think you can use for a long time. Often a few extra dollars now will keep something in use for a lot of years down the road. Good luck, and remember to enjoy the wine!

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