Acne No More – Acne Treatment Guide Book Review

by Kelvin Redfield on February 25, 2011

Acne No More is a self-help acne treatment guide book. It teaches you how to deal and cure your acne problem through holistic method. In other words, you are going to cure your acne without rely on any medication products. Acne medication products tend to have bad side-effect to your skin after a long usage. If your skin unable to cope with the medication effect, it will worsen your skin condition.

The author of this guidebook, who known as Mike Walden, is an experienced man when it comes to acne. Everything that he said about acne in his guidebook is accurate and informative. If you read or skim through his guide, you will realize that he indeed knew what he is talking about. This guidebook contains 216 pages. For an electronic book standard on the Internet, this guidebook is considered gigantic.

In this guidebook, you will be feed with enormous information related to acne. For example, it will shows you what causes acne, how to prevent the acne breakout, what kind of foods that can aggravate acne condition and what kind of diet plans that you should take and etc.

Basically, the primary focus of Acne No More is to build and strengthen your body system through nutrition and dump the entire toxin out from your body. You are what you eat sums it all perfectly. Acne is not disease. If anything, acne is more like an alarm to warn you that there is something wrong with your body and prompt you to take action.

Diet aside, this guidebook will also teaches you what kind of natural cleanser that you should use to wash your face. With a proper natural cleanser usage, it will speed up your skin healing process. Getting a clear skin is not longer impossible if you did what the Acne No More had showed.

Despite that Acne No More is a reliable acne treatment guide, it still takes time to work. It is not some kind of magic pills that will instantly clear your acne within one day. Get Acne No More only if you are serious on having a clear skin in the future.

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