Acne Treatment Guide For Everyone

by Kelvin Redfield on February 22, 2012

No people in the world love to have acne on their faces. The experience of having acne is horrible and unpleasant. Acne makes your face look disfigured. Although that acne is not harmful to your overall health, but its existence greatly affect your confidence in society. It will strip down your confidence, and prevent you from going outside to socialize with others. With acne, you are afraid of meeting people because the people that you meet may look down on you or critic your appearance for being “unattractive”. Because of this skin disease, many people have a hard time or confidence issue to venture into a relationship. They feel insecure when both of them going out for a date.

As you can see, this skin disease is actually hazardous more than its look. It does not make you sick, it destroy your social life and you as a person. This is why many acne sufferers are desperate for looking solution and treatment. In fact, many of them are willing to spend thousands of dollars for acne treatments or products that they can encounter in their life; whether it is from the TV media, advertising, magazine, or words of mouths.

The only problem here is everyone has his own unique skin type. Because of this, it becomes difficult for one to find a suitable acne solution or product for his skin. Just because your friend achieve a positive result for his skin with product A, it does not mean that you are going to experience the same result as your friend with the same product.

Furthermore, there are thousands of different acne products out there for you to try. If you are lucky, you may find a suitable acne product for your acne, but if you are unlucky, you just make your acne problem worse than usual. Some of acne products are not suitable for certain skin type and will cause a chemical reaction on that skin and end up worsen up the skin condition.

As you can see, treating acne is not only expensive; you are taking a gamble on your skin. If treating acne is easy as the TV media or advertising said, there will not be a lot of acne sufferers today. I am not saying that acne is impossible to treat; it is just difficult as acne is extremely stubborn to get rid of.

Visiting Dermatologist:

For people who are inexperienced or know nothing about acne, consulting with a dermatologist is definitely the best choice one can go for. With dermatologist, you will learn about the origin of acne, your skin types, causes of acne, and the suitable treatment option for you. This will at least prevent you from randomly testing many available acne products, just to find a suitable treatment for your acne problem, which may hurt your skin condition than heal it. The only downside of consulting with dermatologist is the fee. The fee may cost you thousands of dollars for the whole consultation sessions. Unless you are rich or have spare cash or extremely desperate wanting to get rid of acne, I would not recommend you to go for dermatologist as there are many cheaper options available out there.

Natural Acne Treatment:

Natural acne treatment is more affordable than visiting the professional. The only downside is you, as acne sufferer need to be extremely dedicate, patient, determine and not lazy. The whole natural acne treatment requires a crazy amount of discipline, dedication, patience and effort to makes it work. If you are slacking a bit, the whole process will be naught.

Just as the “natural” implies, you are going to treat your acne with natural ingredients that are made from the nature. Here are 2 of a popular nature plants that you can use to treat your skin condition.

1) Aloe Vera

I bet you sure you should at least see or hear about this plant once or twice in your lifetime. Believe it or not, this plant is amazing when it comes to acne treatment. It has the antiseptic properties, which are useful for killing the germs and bacteria from your skin without hurting your skin health.

There are 2 proper ways for you to use this plant in your acne treatment; you can apply it externally or take it internally. It is worth to note that when you consume the Aloe Vera, it will regulate your hormones level. Do not laugh at it because imbalance hormones is one of the causes that triggering acne. The other benefits of Aloe Vera are to improve your skin healing ability and remove the acne scars from your face.

Now you can see why this plant is widely used acne ingredients in every acne treatment.

2) Tea Tree Oil

Just like Aloe Vera, it kills virus, fungi and bacteria that are infecting on your skin without harming your skin health, and at the same time, it increases your skin healing property. The usage of this natural ingredient is easy. All you need to do is apply it on your face, especially the affected area, and leave it overnight. It will slowly reduce the pimple inflammation by killing the germs on the affected skin area.

Keep in mind that there are no acne products that can vanquish acne in one night. To get rid of acne, you need to be consistent when using these natural acne products. Both of the aloe vera and tea tree oil products can be found at any nearby pharmacy. These products are affordable by everyone living standard.

Basic Home Treatment:

There are a few things you can do about your skin at your home. Washing your face twice per day for the obvious reason; prevent clogged, and it is compulsory for everyone. An unwashed face invites potential bacteria and germs. Washing your more than two times per day are not recommended. The reason is it will make your skin irritated and dried, and this will worsen your acne condition further. So, if you had been doing that, stop doing it today.


There is another way for acne sufferers to treat their acne without consulting with a dermatologist or apply a natural cream on the face, and the method is feeding nutrition to your body. In other word, changing your diet plans. Eating is actually an effective way to get rid of acne. The only downsides that it takes time to see the results, and you have to cut down a lot of delicious food from your diet meals. The reason why you got acne is that your body lack of decent nutrition and minerals to fight against the bacteria and germs from infecting on your skin.

It is understandable because all the fast and delicious foods that we eat do not come with a decent nutrition count for your body. In fact, these foods increase the toxin count in our bodies, and cause acne breakout after a certain period.

Before I go into the nutrition food, let focus on the food that you, as acne sufferer need to avoid or cut down first. While these foods are delicious to eat, they also bring harm to your body, and your health. These foods are:

- Dairy products

- Junk foods

- Fast foods

- Fried foods

I’m not going to details with every of these foods, but what you need to know is these foods contain a lot of sugar, chemical and unhealthy preservative, and certain particles that are not suitable for our bodies digestion. Basically, the longer these foods staying in our bodies, the higher chance that your skin going to have acne breakout.

I know it is somewhat unrealistic for one to completely avoiding all these foods forever, but at least try to cut down or reduce the intake of these foods regularly. The rest you can compensate by eating more nutritious food, so that your body can keep it up to prevent further germs infection.

So, what is the nutritious food that I am speaking of? Well, it is fresh fruits and vegetables. It does not matter which fruits or vegetables that you are eating. All of them are beneficial to our bodies. Fresh fruits can be apple, orange, watermelon, grape, banana, lemon, and more. If you can integrate these foods into your daily meal, you are pretty much guarantee to be free from acne problems. Eating fish, preferable salmon is a nice alternative since it can provide a sufficient amount of omega 3 to our bodies need to combat acne. Omega 3 is extremely effective in reducing the inflammation of the existing breakout.

If you are living in a busy and chaotic lifestyle, it is understandable that you may not able to have a proper diet due to the tight schedule. This is why you should get yourself a supplement at your side. Supplement itself is not cheap, but it is definitely worth your investment. The supplements that you should get are Multi-Vitamin, Vitamin E, Vitamin B Complex, Zinc, Vitamin C, Royal Jelly, or Fish Oil. You do not have to get all of these supplements. Just pick whatever you need the most. Of course, you can get all of them if your financial allows you to do so.

Here is the quick brief of each supplement can offer for your body.

Vitamin E: It increases your skin healing properties, and it can lighten or reduce the acne scarring given enough time.

Vitamin C: Its main purpose is to repair any damage skin tissues. It also repels any incoming infection to your skin.

Zinc: It prevents scarring and heals your skin. It also regulates oil glands so that your skin can generate healthy skin oil.

Fish Oil: It reduces the inflammation of existing acne breakouts.

Royal Jelly: It improves your skin health, regeneration properties and prevents further infection on your skin.


As you can see, the method of treating acne is actually quite simple. The only hard part is whether you have the determination, discipline and patience to do all the things I just listed above. You must know that treating acne is not overnight process. It takes considerable time to achieve acne-free condition. Because it takes time, it is easy for acne sufferers to give up on half-way. So, if you are serious about treating your acne, please do not give up on half-way.

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