Acne Treatment – Vitamin for Acne

by Kelvin Redfield on April 11, 2011

In today, the real cause of acne is still a mystery. Although there were many researches and experiments were done by the professional or scientists in the past, they were still unable to pin-point the main cause behind the acne breakout. But one thing that they discovered from the research can be helpful for every acne sufferers. According to their intense and many researches, lacks of nutrition in your body is one of the reason that can cause acne breakout.

There is no doubt for this matter as acne is usually can be formed when your skin health is in poor condition. The situation becomes worse if your skin takes too long to heal once the acne breakout. However, if you are supplementing your body with the right vitamins, it can increase your skin healing rate and prevent any acne breakout in the future, naturally and possibly, permanently get rid of acne.

Vitamin A and B-2 is the well-known vitamins that play a major role in fighting against acne. They convert the fatty acids in the blood into a healthy sebum. Besides these two vitamins, there are other vitamins that also can be used to treat your acne.

Here are the lists of the vitamins that going to beneficial for your acne treatment:

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is needed for your body. Its function is to repair any damaged tissues, and growing a new one. Also, it can repel an incoming infection to your skin. In case you didn’t know about this, acne breakout usually happens when bacteria attacks the skin. So, to prevent the further infection to affect other skin areas, strengthen your body system with Vitamin C is essential.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is an antioxidant vitamin, which it wills prevents any further damage to your cells. It also can help to increase the healing rate once the acne had been extracted. Also, it can lighten and reduce the acne scarring given enough time.


The chromium may has a similar purpose as Vitamin C, but it is not. Instead of preventing the skin infection, it is more focus on reducing skin infection. It is also important to note that Chromium is not easily absorbed by your body. If you want to take this vitamin as part of your acne treatment, you should consult with your doctor. They will show you the effective way to get Chromium into your body.


Zinc also play the role in healing and preventing scarring like other vitamins, but there is one additional effect that other vitamins do not provide. Zinc regulates oil glands so that they can generate healthy skin oil.

Now you have all the vitamins information that you need to treat your acne naturally and permanently. But the main question is, how much should one takes for every day? There is no right answer for this as each person has a different body system and needs. The best way is to consult with your doctor about the dosage. They should be able to give you’re the exact amount if each intake.

If you don’t like the ideas of popping supplement into you’re your mouth, there is another alternative for you; eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. In fact, this is much better approach as the vitamin supplements can never beat natural-food sources in the of absorbability and nutrition amount. Plus, it is much cheaper as well.

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