Adult Acne Treatment – What Could It Be?

by Kelvin Redfield on February 22, 2012

Acne is the most common talked skin disorder in this world. Acne breakout is not restricted to growing teenagers. There are at least 40% of adult men and 50% adult women are suffering from adult acne. Adult acne condition is very common, but it rarely discussed for some unknown reason. People often sought for the adult acne treatment, but choose not to learn the causes of the adult acne. It is because they believed that suffering from acne is a something that cannot be avoided. Well, they are wrong about it. Learning the cause of adult acne can help you to combat acne more effective than not.

Just like the regular acne, the exact causes of adult acne are unknown, but there are many speculations pointed that hormonal imbalance responsible for acne breakout. From what the experts found from their data, these hormonal changes at various times in our lives will affect the amount of the oil produced in our skin. These excess oils can lead to clogged pores or hair follicles in the skin, and cause the skin extremely vulnerable to bacterial infection.

In our lives, there are a number of time that our bodies, to be precise, our hormones are more likely will get out of balance, and increase the chance for one to experience an acne. This is why majority of teenagers are suffering from acne, because it is their first hormonal imbalance experience.

Compare to men, the chance for women to experience adult acne is higher. It is because of the reproduction cycle that women need to go through; menstruation, pregnancy, child birth, and menopause. In this case, there are hormonal products such as pill can be a very effective adult acne treatment for women. These products will produce some hormonal changes, which often a positive results on the women. For women, this is certainly one of the best adult acne treatments.

The difference between teenage acne and adult acne is the adult acne can be easier to controlled or covered by makeup. Unlike teenage acne, most adult acne does not appear in hundreds spot at the same time on your face. Frankly speaking, acne sufferers do not seek acne treatment because acne is harmful to their health. It is more like acne make their appearance “unattractive”. What the acne sufferers do not know that their acne is usually caused by the stress of their lives, cosmetic makeup, and imbalance diet plans. Contrary to common belief, eating chocolate and cheese do not trigger acne breakout, but it seems many believe otherwise.

Consulting with your doctor is actually the best approach for any acne sufferers. It is vital to know whether your acne condition is in mild condition or worse, so that you can treat it accordingly with the right treatment. This will save you a lot of effort and time instead blindly stabbing in the dark.

There are few things you can do for your face. Washing your face gently and regularly are recommended. It is important to keep your skin clean, so it will not get infected easily. For balance diets, you should eat more vegetable and fresh fruits. These foods provide a sufficient amount of nutrient that your body will find it handy. Using makeup is not really recommended as these products tend have chemical mix into it, and may irritate your skin. I know it is tempting to squeeze the pimple on your face with your fingers, but it is not recommended. You never know what kind of germs had contacted with your finger skin, and it may worsen your pimple if you decided to squeeze it with your fingers.

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