Amazing Dragon Ball Z Games

by GuestPoster on December 25, 2010

Hardcore fans of anime know how to keep the excitement going long after the show.  You can play one of many Dragon Ball Z games online to connect with other fans as well as test your skills in battles and other tasks.  Many games even allow you to create your own character or you can play one of many derivatives that take you away from the realm of Dragon Ball Z.

For example, there are tons of flash games online you can play for free such as DragonBall Kart in which you may race go karts as your favorite characters from the series.  Dragon Ball Z Pong is an offshoot of the famous classic revamped for fans of the show.  You may even participate in many non-competitive activities such as dressing up Goku.  Mixing and matching outfits in ways not seen on the show can be fun for diehard fans.

Of course there are many more games in which you can actually emulate the battles you enjoy so much from the series.  Dragon Ball Z Flash can be played with one or two people.  Who can choose to be Goku, Piccolo or Gohan against Freeza, Vegeta or Cell.  As an added fun touch, you can choose the background music from such selections as Rob Zombie’s “Dragula,” Alien Ant Farm’s “Smooth Criminal,” Silverchair’s “Undecided,” Green Day’s “Hitchin a Ride” or Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

DragonBall Z: Earthdefender puts you in Goku’s place, allowing you to use his superhuman strength to vanquish all his enemies.  Dragonball Z Power Level pits you against other players with an interesting twist.  You are Goku playing against another Goku in a different shirt.  Both players have the same abilities, power and skills.  The one who prevails will be the one who has the best strategy and timing.  Dragonball Z Village combines Goku’s quest to live a normal everyday life with his duty to save the world in this role playing game.

These are only a few games available online.  You can choose among fun activities that require no competition, role playing games or intense battles that put you head to head with another player.  Most of these games are free to play and require no downloading.  Whether you want to test your skills in a round of Naruto vs. DragonBall Z or find new threads for your favorite character, there is definitely something for you to enjoy.

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