An Article on the Health Benefits of Cranberry Juice

by GuestPoster on August 16, 2011

We all know that a healthy diet is very important for our health. When we are taking care of the food we eat, have you neglect the beverage you drink? We always have a glass of fizzy soda during our meals, and we know it is the one of the best form of indulgence. But soda drinks contain a high sugar content and it might not bold well with our health. A good substitute would be juices extracted from fruits and vegetables.

Juices are incredible beverage for our health because they contain a huge amount of nutrients. Juices like cranberry juice provides our bodies with different types of nutrients as well as superb health benefits that could prevent diseases. Okay, we will be taking a look at the amazing cranberry juice health benefits.

Drinking cranberry juice helps to prevent one of the most common infection in our bodies, and that is urinary tract infection. Majority of the urinary tract infections happen for people who are fifty years old and above. If you are in this age group, you need to take special note of this disease. Urinary tract infection is caused by the bacteria attaching to our urinary tracts due to their adhesive nature. When they are stuck there, they will secrete a liquid capable of destroying our cells to cause an infection. This is why we need cranberry juice to eliminate this adhesive nature of the bacteria. Cranberry juice contains PACs which administer the anti adhesive effect on the bacteria and prevent the bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract. This stops them from causing any infection.

Apart from preventing urinary tract infection, other cranberry juice benefits are the removal of dental plague and supply of antioxidants. Dental plague is caused by oral bacteria congregating on our teeth and gums. What cranberry juice does is to remove the oral bacteria with a special compound call nondialysable bacteria that is able to reverse the formation of dental plague. Also, we need a large amount of antioxidants to showcase the anti aging effects on our skin. They protect our skin from the damage causes by free radicals in our environment.

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