Anxiety Disorder isn’t As Scary as You Thought

by Kelvin Redfield on April 4, 2011

Suffering from an anxiety disorder does not mean that you are weird or abnormal. It is common for everyone to suffered, at least one anxiety attacks in the life. Anxiety attacks usually triggered when we were in panic or nervous, especially in unfamiliar scenario. Going for an interview is one of the common scenarios that everyone is facing. It is understandable as people do care about what others think about them. The symptoms of anxiety disorders are vary from person to person. Some people can handle their anxiety problem with ease while others are struggling hard just to relief their anxiety attacks.

The most common anxiety disorder symptoms that you may encounter are; uncontrollable shaking, dry mouth, shortness of breath, chest pain, excessive sweat, muscle pain and numbness.

Severe anxiety condition can be a problem for any people, as this would interrupt them to do their daily activities such as work or study. While people do aware of this problem, yet many chose to ignore their anxiety condition. This is a poor choice as the anxiety disorders will not disappear, and it can become worse over time. A full-blown anxiety attacks can be unpleasant and tiring experience. Some of the attacks can last for several hours, and it is sufficient enough to leave you from doing your activities.

Busy lifestyle is one of the major reasons that can cause anxiety disorders. Mainly because that these people are working too hard, and neglecting their resting time. When an individual do not have enough rest, he tends to be stressful and emotional. At that state, he is extremely vulnerable to anxiety attacks. People who has traumatic fear also suspicious to anxiety attacks.

It is possible for one to overcome the anxiety disorders. But first things of all, you need to do is to understand everything about the anxiety disorder and its symptoms. It is important as this will help you to control your emotion when the attack was triggered. Going for the medication treatment is a good approach, but it is not a permanent solution. If one stops taking the medicine, the anxiety disorder will be bound back. So, keep in mind about this.

For the natural treatment for anxiety, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is the best. Instead of relying on medicine prescription to relieve the attacks, you will learn to deal or eliminate the anxiety disorders naturally. In this therapy treatment, you will learn to face your anxiety step-by-step and overcome it for once and for all. A proper breathing can also helps you to relax your mind and emotions, thus prevent your negative emotions from taking over your mind and body. Getting an adequate sleep can reduce your anxiety levels in the long run.

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