Attracting More Personality with Car Show Girls

by GuestPoster on November 29, 2011

Men may be interested in simple things, but there are very profound reasons as to why they have particular interests. For example, it is a well-known fact that men love food, but it cannot be just any food; it should be food that tastes good, is healthy, gives them good energy, and that makes them want to try it again later. Even though a man’s interests are often called simple, it is a high level of sophistication within that item or person of interest that ultimately makes men desire them. It is not enough to merely be interested in cars for the car’s own sake; it must have greater depth and personal connection if it is going to be satisfying to a man. A truly satisfying car is one in which no longer is just a means of transportation, but a reflection of the personality of a man.

The thing that cars and women have in common to a man is not the looks or the function in the least bit, but the one thing that they both have in common is the sense of companionship and completeness that a man has first with his woman, then his car, or both. Because a man puts so much thought in to the choosing of a woman as a companion, the couple has a flourishing relationship because of their similarities. The same concept can be said for a man’s car. Men want to choose a car that seems to be most like them in personality, demeanor, and capabilities. These are the reasons that car show girls are a great service to have at an auto show. Men have more difficulties maintaining focus and concentration than women do, and men are very visual, which means that they will be almost completely lost in a place with a lot of visual stimulation.

Lights, strobes, and lots of different colors could be sensory overload on a man. So, in order for him to be drawn to a particular car among dozens of others, he needs another visual factor to help him associate the car as being a good match for him. Car show girls are hired with the intention of matching the personality and level of class of a particular car, so that men who have compatible personalities with a car can make that connection for him more efficiently. An example of this would be car show girls that are helping to display a large truck like a Ford F-350. The girls modeling with this truck would have a look about them like they know how to handle a large piece of machinery.

They would appear to have a playful yet sturdy personality, and even though they are tough and aggressive on the outside like the exterior of a truck, they would be sweet and gentle like plush, leather seats on the inside. The goal of car show girls is not to draw attention from the car itself, but to draw a man’s attention to her initially, so that she can then pass on that attention to the car, and to help him understand why he might want it. For another example, let us take a BMW Z4 convertible. This fun-loving and capable vehicle is for the drivers who still want to retain the level of sophistication, class, and intelligence of the BMW line, but with an extra dose of athleticism in the personality.

A woman who would match this personality would be a runner, dancer, and yoga instructor that would go to teach at the local university after her workout. These are the types of considerations that men take into account as their attention gets lost in so much visual stimuli, but as they see car show girls that would seem similar to their personality, they are led straight to a car that matches their personality in a similar way.

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