Average Salaries for Sales Jobs

by GuestPoster on December 19, 2010

The average salaries for sales jobs may fluctuate from one region to another depending on the factors that employers will look at to determine the optimum sales salary. Industry factors also influence salary structures in most areas and salaries for a particular sales job may be significantly higher or lower between industries for a person in the exact same job. Industry trends are however becoming more and more sophisticated and employers are regrouping to map out similar salary structures within their industries. One reason for this trend is to reduce employee migration from one company or industry to another, and to create fair price competition standards within an industry.

There are however factors that may significantly influence salaries even within the same industry. One such factor is the size of the particular company. The smaller the company, the more likely they are to offer lower pay. Similarly, if a company is new in the market, they are likely to offer lower pay and increase their pay as they establish their market presence and staff preferences. Companies that rely heavily on unit sales of a product are more likely to pay better rates than companies that have consumer loyalty based products. Telecommunication companies are an example of companies that may not depend too heavily on individual sales people, as consumers are either ‘loyal’ by a contract or by brand.

Such companies, on average, regardless of the size of the company, are likely to pay slightly lower than a company selling a consumer product such as household detergents and the like. The amount of regional travel that an individual does also impacts the salary scale that they will get. Organizations are extremely wary of the compensation terms within regions and study them keenly. Individuals in high risk positions and sales people likely to face high risk situations receive higher compensation.

Compensation of sales staff is usually a key factor that employers will look at because it impacts directly on their competitiveness in terms of price superiority in the market. Employers are becoming more stringent on their annual compensation budget especially in light of the economic challenges because they wish to stay relevant in their niche. Your best bet as a sales representative is to show the potential employer how your participation in the company will impact their sales bottom line in tangible figures. Then the employer may not hold onto the purse strings too tightly.

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