Basic 101 Homemade Acne Treatment

by Kelvin Redfield on July 24, 2011

Everyone is looking for a perfect solution for their acne problem. The thing is not everyone has the same skin type. Since each individual has a different type of skin, it requires a different type of acne treatment to work. In other word, there is no best acne treatment for everyone. Some people have pretty good result using medication treatment to treat their acne, while others suffered a harsh side-effect for their skin and face with the very same treatment. To find a perfect acne solution for one individual, it needs a lot of trial and error. But the problem is, how many errors can an individual takes before the side-effect completely destroys his skin health? Think about it.

And this how homemade acne treatment becomes popular among many acne sufferers. The beauty of homemade acne treatment is it will not cause any harsh side-effect upon the usage since all the ingredients are made from natural. No chemical or medicine involved. Also, all the source or ingredients that you need for homemade remedies can be easily found on grocery store or any nearby supermarket. Plus, they are cheap in term of cost. It is also worth to note that a homemade preparations or mixture could do a better job than over-the-counter medicines ever; minus the side-effect.

The basic principle for an effective acne treatment is proper hygiene and diet plans. Homemade acne treatment can be presented in several ways. The most common application is internal consumption of natural remedies and external application. Whether the methods are consumed or external application, you have to make sure what you have is safe and suitable for your skin condition. Here is the list of possible homemade remedy sources that you can choose from:

Water therapy


Fresh fruits

Healthy food consumptions

Regular exercise

Sleeping habit

Depending on where you live, the availability of herbs will also determine the possible homemade acne treatment that you can do. The most common herbs that used for acne treatment are Aloe Vera, Sarsaparilla, Tea Tree Oil, and Chamomile. As for the fruits, apple and lemon are the most popular fruits that used for acne treatment. If possible, you should add these foods (honey, yogurt and oatmeal) into your diet plans. These foods provide much nutrition that your body needs to combat acne. Consumption aside, herbs and fruits also can be used in the form of paste and mask.

Also, you should not neglect the basic routine if you want to have acne-free skin. It is important to keep your face clean (free from dirt, oil and other harmful substances). Washing your face twice a day is a must. Also, drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day also helps your body to flush all the toxins and harmful substances out from your body. Alcohol also can be used to rub (with cotton balls) your face before you are going to bed. It helps to control excess oil. Be careful though not to overuse it as it can cause more skin problems. Use it once a day. If you have extra budget to spend, buying supplement such as Vitamin A, Zinc and Vitamin B6 can provide a huge boost for your skin health.

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