Basic Natural Acne Cure For Acne Sufferers

by Kelvin Redfield on May 17, 2011

Sometime, do you ever wonder what people used to treat their acne problem in the past, where all the cleansers and antibiotics didn’t exist at that time? It is holistic acne treatment. It is understandable for many people to overlook this matter when there are so many acne medications or products are easily accessible in any shops. However, what many people did not know is that most of commercial acne products are harsh to your skin. It is also worth to mention that it will cost you a big fortune by trying several acne products to find the right products for your skin. What you don’t know is that many kitchen products can be used as effective acne treatment.

In this article, you will be offered with several natural acne treatments recipe for you to try at home. Try them and determinate which of the natural cure meet your preference. Fear not, natural acne treatments are free from harsh side-effect. Also, they are cheaper than commercial acne products that you see on TV.

For an excessive blackhead condition, washing it with a mix of milk and lime can be an effective treatment. First of all, you need to bring a glass of milk to a gentle boil. Then you squish the half lime for its juice on top of the milk. When the milk cool down, use it to wash your face. Doing it two times per day for best result. Also, the remaining of the milk can be store in the fridge for future use. It can last for a couple of days.

As for whiteheads, you need to a raw potato. The raw potato contains vitamin C and alkaline. Vitamin C can make your skin radiating while alkaline kills the bacteria on your skin. The potato also helps your skin to get rid of the dead skin cells. If you don’t like the potato, you can go for other fruits that produce a similar effect; papaya.

Washing your face is not enough. Even the most gentle and natural products can leave your skin a bit dry. This is why you need a moisturizer. In this case, almond oil is the excellent choice to use after you done washing your face with a natural acne cleanser. Almond oil can re-hydrate you skin very fast. Here is how you do it; grinding at least six to eight almond nuts (not the fried one) with a little bit of water. Then you spread the paste on your face and let it stays there for a few minutes. Preferable 10 minutes. Once you are done, gently wash it off with water. For other moisturizer alternative, buttermilk with low fat and non flavored.

The thing about natural acne remedies, it is best for you to use them within two to three days. When the products reached its expired date, using it may cause infection on your skin and worsen your acne condition. After all, it is not like you are going to a certain length to use any preservatives on these products. All you can do is to store them in the fridge. So, in this case, throw them away if you are unable to finish using them after a couple of days.

When it comes to diet, you should eat more fresh fruits and vegetable. The reason is that these foods provide a lot of nutrition that can help to clear your acne. Some people blamed on chocolate, pizza and other oily foods as the catalyst of acne, but then there is no scientific evidence that these foods caused acne or worsen the acne condition.

Treating acne is never meant to be instant. Whether it is a natural acne treatment or medication treatment, all takes time to work. So, do not give up on acne treatment when you didn’t witness any changes on your skin in the first week.

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