Basketball Games and Epic NBA Rivalries

by GuestPoster on November 23, 2011

The NBA has stayed strong throughout the years as the premier basketball league in the United States and arguably the world. Fans from across the globe have been part of the history of intense excitement among every game. Indeed basketball has produced some of the most defining moments in sports history not only in the US but for sports fans all over the world. NBA teams and legendary players are a common topic of interest anywhere. What makes a game legendary is not only its players, teams, or general game play.

The things that keeps the fans interested and keep on supporting a game lies in its intense history of rivalry. No matter what the sport may be, it’s the rivalries that make them interesting. The NBA has had its fair share of epic rivalries between players and teams which have lasted until today. These rivalries can be felt not only from basketball games but extend through the fans which regrettably sometimes even interfere in the personal life of some players. Although it may seem negative, it’s the thing that keeps the game alive and as a matter of fact an evidence of good old fashion healthy sportsmanship. Now here are some of the most historic rivalries in the NBA which made legends out of the people who participated in their epic battles in the hard court.

  • Boston Celtics vs. Los Angeles Lakers
  • This has been dubbed as the greatest rivalry in NBA history as both teams faced of some of the most exciting games in the league’s history. They battled for the finals against each other for 12 times more than any other teams have. They first faced off in 1959 and would later dominate the league in intermittent period in the 60’s and 80’s. This rivalry catapulted Larry Bird and Magic Johnson as two of the most legendary rivals and as individuals in the games history. Both teams have garnered the highest number of championships in the competition and when put together it could amount to more than half of the overall number of championships in NBA history.

  • Los Angeles Lakers vs. Detroit Pistons
  • Both teams only met 3 times in the finals but they have the most symbolic rivalry in the NBA. In all 3 occasions the Lakers team were composed of players with super star status against a mainly team oriented players of Detroit. Detroit bested the Lakers on 2 out of three championships proving teamwork is still the superior armament in every basketball game.

  • Chicago Bulls vs. Milwaukee Bucks
  • This rivalry started in 1974 when an unlikely Bucks team stopped the mighty bulls from winning the division and conference finals of that particular season. During the 80’s and 90’s this rivalry would intensify as both teams consistently squared off in the playoffs. The Bucks is the very first team to thwart a Michael Jordan led bulls during his playoff debut and this was not an easy feat. Today the rivalry between the two cities extend to other sports events like baseball and football but the Bucks will forever be remembered for it being the first to defeat Jordan.

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