Best Men’s Wallet Brands On The Market Today

by GuestPoster on March 2, 2012

Looking good is one thing that a lot of people dedicate a lot of time and money on. But looking good isn’t all about the physical appearance. A good self image includes many other factors, such as how a person dresses, what accessories a person uses, as well as how the person carries him or herself. Making a statement is all about how someone fills all of these categories.

Women often focus on jewelry. Accessories for men are less prevalent. Women also utilize hand bags to hold all of their accessories. Men, on the other hand, use only a wallet.

A man’s wallet is usually the only accessory that he brings with him, so it must serve a variety of purposes. Also, because men don’t carry hand bags, men’s wallets have to be convenient and small enough to fit in a back pocket. Men’s wallets must be able to hold not only money, but also credit cards, calling cards, IDs, and maybe even some photos. Apart from use and function, however, men look for style. While a lot of men opt for the simple and classic plain leather wallets, others look for embossed items with intricate designs. Not having too many things to carry around, a wallet can say a lot about a man’s sense of style.

Because of how essential wallets are to men, they look for only the best men wallet brands.


Wallets by Montblanc offer features like full-grain calfskin and metal-plated fittings using elements such as ruthenium. Montblanc is known to offer the best wallet designs.


Cartier stands for both quality and elegance in style. Known for its great wallets, Cartier exhibits exquisite art and craft into every wallet design.


Prada has been popular for their bags and wallets since back in the 1970’s. Although many might think of Prada to be too extravagant for men’s wallets, those who don’t mind investing in style and luxury find Prada to be the number one choice.


This American brand is known to bring about luxury and style into anyone’s lifestyle. Through its classic materials and designs, Coach exudes a lifestyle of luxury and class.

Louis Vuitton

For those wanting multifunctional designs, LV is the way to go. With exquisitely clean designs and multiple compartments, LV displays creativity and ingenuity through all of their accessories.

In summary, wallets offer the ability for men to carry all of their essential items on their person while out of the house. Since there are few ways for men to accessorize, wallets offer the ability to add style and function to their everyday atire. Click here for more related information.

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