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by GuestPoster on January 26, 2012

If you are an avid bait casting fishermen out there, then this article might be useful to you. There are many brands, models, and types of bait casting reels on the market today. This diversity can be confusing to sort through. If you are on the market for a new bait casting reel, it is important for you to narrow down your list of options by a few different categories. First of all, you’ll need to know what type of bait casting reel you want and need. Do you prefer a round bait casting reel over low-profile bait casting reels? Do you fish mostly in the freshwater, or do you you also fish out at sea? What is your fishing reel budget?

The first question is just a matter of preference. Round bait casting reels typically hold more line and are useful when casting larger lures out to farther distances. Lower profile bait casting reels are lighter and sleeker, making them more useful for close-up fishing action. The next question is a very important question to ask yourself before buying any type of fishing reel. Salt water is more corrosive than freshwater, and can damage reels that are not designed specifically for use in it. The last question is of supreme importance when buying a reel. What kind of limits do you have on what you can spend on a new fishing reel?

Looking at the last question again, it is important to find bait casting fishing reels that fit into your budget. But if your budget is small for a new fishing reel because you need other gear, you might think that you have to sacrifice features and quality to be able to afford a reel in your price range. You have probably heard of the company Abu Garcia. They make many different bait casting reels at different price points and with different features. The entry-level line is their max line. The Abu Garcia Black Max low-profile bait casting reel comes in at around $50, but it is loaded with features. The $50 price tag will fit most anglers budgets, and you won’t be left with a low-quality fishing reel. The market this line as the “maximum in performance and value” bait casting fishing reel. Be sure to read a few more online reviews before you make the purchase.

Abu Garcia also makes high-quality spinning reels, so if you’re looking for the best spinning reel for your needs, check them out as well.

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