Cholesterol Can Be A Big Problem

by GuestPoster on July 25, 2011

Everybody lives a very busy life nowadays. The trouble is if we settle on having fast food and having snacks as opposed to taking the time to create healthy meals. Sometimes this results in elevated fat levels and especially too much cholesterol in our bodies.

The Facts About Cholesterol

If fat is broken down by the liver, cholesterol is a product of the process. Cholesterol is frequently divided into several kinds. They are usually called high-density lipoprotein, low-density lipoprotein, and finally trigycerides. HDL is the “good cholesterol” and carries cholesterol away from the cells to your liver. Then the liver will dissolve it. Therefore HDL is very helpful at keeping overall cholesterol levels low. The “bad cholesterol” is LDL cholesterol, since it carries cholesterol away out of the liver and into your bloodstream. Triglyceries are another “bad cholesterol” as they have been found to cause “hardening of the arteries”. Triglycerides are found mostly in animal fats.

Contrary to misconception, cholesterol plays a vital set of functions in keeping people healthy. Three of the main functions of cholesterol are construction of cell walls, insulation of nerve fibers, and producing hormones so our cells can send important messages to each other. Regularly consuming food rich in saturated fat raises our cholesterol levels. High levels of cholesterol are associated with heart disease and/or diabetes. The greatest danger is if someone has raised LDL (“bad cholesterol”) and triglyceride levels but low levels of HDL (the “good cholesterol”).

This century, it is highly likely steadily millions of people could suffer from diet and lifestyle related illness, most notably heart disease, cancer, diabetes and stroke. People can lower the risk by making small adjustments to the wayin which they are living.

How To Reduce Total Cholesterol level and Get Healthier:

It would be wise to try to reduce cholesterol. And there are better methods than taking medication. What is the reason for this? Because these medicines typically cause as little as a 2% decrease in theheart attack risk. It’s a lot wiser to try to lower cholesterol naturally.

Get good cholesterol levels by trying these useful techniques:

- Try to eat many more of the things that lower cholesterol levels. Use olive oil, plus whole grains.

- Lose weight. Being even a little bit overweight is linked to a number of serious problems, including higher levels of cholesterol.

- Remember to have five a day! Fresh fruit and vegetables are really helpful for a person’s health.

- It is vital not to have a lot of caffeine or alcohol every day. Alcohol and caffeine have been shown to elevate LDL in your body, plus increasing blood pressure.

- Try to quit smoking if you smoke. Among countless other dangers, smoking damages your blood vessels and heightens your levels of cholesterol.

- If you possibly can, lower stress levels. Some gentle stress isn’t anything for you to be concerned about. Although too much raises your blood pressure and over a long period can leave us prone to having a heart attack.

These tips could improve anybody’s health. It can be a really wonderful gift to be in good health.

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