Choosing Doberman Puppies For Sale – Deciding Whether To Adopt Or Purchase A Dog

by GuestPoster on September 7, 2011

Local animal shelters always have cats and dogs available for adoption. It is great for people to adopt an animal that is having a hard time finding a home, but certain dog breeds are not suitable for homes with children.

Adopting a Doberman

Doberman’s are beautiful dogs, but if they have not been raised in a loving home alongside young children, they can only be adopted out to homes with adults. Since most of the Doberman’s in animal shelters have been neglected or abused, they are not a suitable family pet.

Families that include young children should purchase a Doberman puppy from a professional breeder. If a Doberman puppy is treated with respect, it will bond with the children in the home. Well-adjusted Doberman’s are smart, loyal and protective of their owners. People can find Doberman puppies for sale by searching for breeders online. Someone can also join a Doberman dog owners club or group and ask fellow members for the names of good Doberman breeders. Once someone finds a breeder, it is a good idea to ask them for references. A good breeder should have no trouble supplying potential buyers with a list of previous buyers.

Choosing a Doberman Puppy

Choosing the right puppy is fun for the whole family. The entire family should take a trip to the breeder’s home to view the puppies for sale. It is important to see how children interact with the puppies. Children need to learn to treat puppies with respect. If they do not listen to their parents and treat the puppies roughly or hurt the animals, then parents should choose a more tolerant dog breed. If the children are kind and gentle to the Doberman puppies and listen to the parents and breeder’s instructions then the Doberman breed will be a good match for the family.

Some people focus so much on selecting the right puppy that they forget to prepare their home for the puppy’s arrival. Pet owners should make sure that they have a dog cage, comfortable pet bed, puppy food and dog flea treatment. Frontline is a safe dog flea treatment for puppies with fleas or ticks, and heated pet beds are perfect for puppies that are coming home in the fall or winter.

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