Choosing The Right High Definition Television

by GuestPoster on February 7, 2011

You’ve decided to go out and look at a large screen TV. One that would look nicely in your family room.  When You get to the store there are a lot of options – all different sizes of TVs  with a huge range of prices and some of the smaller ones are more expensive than the big TVs. But here are some things that are really important in choosing a high-def TV set:

Room Size

The size of the room that you’re planning to put the television set in is very important. While you may be looking for the immersion effect that a large screen will give you, the TV should needn’t be larger than the room could possibly accommodate. For instance a 42 inch lcd tv in a 10′ by 10′ room would just be over-kill

All high-def TVs have an optimum viewing distance (always ask the salesman about this) from where you will most likely be sitting when you’re watching . The way to determine this is how many feet the couch or chair will be from where you want the TV to be

How Much Money To Spend

Once you’ve figured out the size of TV that’s perfect for you room, you need to consider how much money that you’ll want to spend and what you budget is. HDTV can range from a low of $350  to as much as $4500 and because of competition between major manufactures, the prices have been steadily dropping. For instance, an HD 42 inch TV (the most popular size) that was $800 a couple years ago are regularly under $600. Be sure to get an HDTV that has HDMI inputs for you other HD devices like a Blu-Ray player surround sound speakers and high end video games

What Do You Like To Watch?

The third thing that you want to consider is what you like to watch on a regular basis. Do you watch a lot of action movies and sports where there is a lot of fast moving images or maybe  you like regular television mostly. The refresh rate of the TV along with the resolution should be fast enough to capture all of the types of programs that you watch at a high quality without flickering or “ghosting” of an image. If you are planing to buy a larger TV ( 40 inch and up) always get something with a 120Hz refresh rate or higher)  and 1080p resolution

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