Coffee Vending Machines Have Come A Long Way

by GuestPoster on December 14, 2010

Coffee vending can be a very profitable business and a nice addition to a full line route. A good portion of the American population drinks several cups of coffee a day, so it’s a product with a big demand. Although most people drink the majority of their coffee at home, millions of dollars of coffee drinks are still consumed outside the home.

Although some people have come to associate cheap and tasteless coffee with vending machines, but this is no longer the case with the machines available on the market today. Today’s machines are now offering gourmet coffee—all from a vending machine! Your only previous choices used to be really bad watery coffee from a vending machine or to run to the nearest Starbucks and pay big money, but now you can get a great cup of coffee very conveniently all at a good price. It’s the perfect balance of quality and price.

Some coffee vending machines grind fresh gourmet beans for every cup of coffee that is purchased, so each consumer gets the freshest most flavorful cup of coffee possible. The machines from 30 years ago, basically poured hot water over dehydrated coffee, but today’s machines can not only grind fresh beans, but they can steam and froth milk and add in flavorings like mocha and caramel. They are capable of making up delicious coffee beverages such as espressos, cappuccinos and macchiatos.

Coffee vending machines can be placed anywhere that a full line machine can be placed. Just like with soda machines, you need a location with a lot of traffic and preferably without other option readily convenient. You’ll often see these machines in hospitals, but other locations that would do well include factories, colleges, office buildings and motels. Some business owners are even placing coffee vending machines in their location to offer their employees free coffee, in today’s economic climate, it’s a nice low cost perk that business owners can provide that won’t ruin their bottom line.

So, forget about the tasteless nasty vending machine coffee that you remember and grab a great cup of coffee from your nearest gourmet coffee vending machine right now!

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