Collecting Snow Globes – A Simple Guide

by GuestPoster on July 31, 2011

Origin of snow globes is uncertain however history says that they first appeared during the early 19th century in France. History tells that snow globes were descendants from glass paperweights – items that were quite popular during those early years.

By year 1879, there were at least 5 companies producing snow globes and sooner, these snow globes become popular throughput Europe. Up to this day, snow globes still hold that extraordinary appeal. Many people love to purchase these novelty items to give as gifts and souvenirs but they are most commonly bought as a collection.

For those who are just new to snow globes and are planning to start a collection – it is not yet too late. Collecting snow globes is easy and fun to do. The following tips will help you in starting out with your collection.

1. First you must have display cases or shelves. This is where you will place all your snow globes collected. It will be much better if these cases are placed in an area where it can be viewed easily and away from direct sunlight like receiving area or living room.

2. Decide what you collection will be – if they will just be random snow globes or revolves around one theme like for example collecting dragon snow globes or angels snow globes.

3. Once you are already decided what snow globes to collect, it is time to “hunt” them. There are many shops where you can buy snow globes at affordable prices. You can visit local boutique or antique stores. You can also find snow globes at thrift shops or at garage sales in your neighborhood. There are also wide ranges of snow globes sold at discounted prices on online shops like eBay.

4. Visit these shops or places however do not purchase anything yet. Just take note or study their prices first. Study which shops sell cheaper snow globes and examine where it is best to buy snow globes.

5. Once you are done, you can have the liberty of purchasing snow globes that you love. Keep in mind though not to spend all your money in one seating. Just at least buy one snow globe at a time. Sooner or later your display cases will be full of these items.

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