Commercial Playground For a Child With ADHD

by GuestPoster on August 22, 2011

The vast majority of us recognize a playground. For many it may contain some of the most fond memories of our childhood. The commercial playground contains different parts that make up its whole; it will typically have a see-saw, swing set, slides, jungle gym, sandbox, monkey bars, and other devices for sporting activities. A playground is something that most cities in our country have. They are a welcome sight for parents to let their kids play and to have a break from their normal workday. It is amazing how much benefit these places have even though they are so simple in nature. Understanding the origin of these places will shed light on their importance.

The commercial playground originated in Germany in an effort to teach kids the best way to play. Since playing on a playground is one of the best ways that a kid can develop important social skills, it is necessary that the kids know how to take advantage of the great resources a playground can offer. Many of us remember the vital lessons that we learned as we were growing up. Some of the best things that we learned were from doing things. Sitting in a desk and listening to a teacher is not exactly a natural thing for kids to do. In fact, many pedagogues and philosophers have stated that book work should only begin when the individual is in his twenties.

They affirm that the education that we should take part in before the age of twenty should consist of athletics, art, music, and other sorts of physical games that require coordination and connections made between multiple senses. It is unnatural for a child to sit at a desk for the most part of the day learning from pages of a book. Children with various conditions including ADHD will benefit greatly from daily use of the commercial playground. Children with ADHD have the hardest time paying attention in class. They would rather be doing other things like playing sports, nurturing their creativity in art and music, and interacting with others. The need for a child to play is very strong, the fulfillment of which will bring the child health and happiness.

The child with ADHD will be able to pay attention is school if that need to play is satisfied elsewhere. If our bodies are craving a certain chemical, the mind will encourage us to do the activity that stimulates the release of that chemical. In the ADHD child, the need for exercise and play time is so great because their bodies are asking their minds for more dopamine than the average child. When the ADHD child takes the adequate time to play and satisfy the body’s need for those chemicals that it lacks, the parents will find improvement in their child’s school performance. They will be better at paying attention in class, they will grasp the material quicker, they will be better at prioritizing their duties, and they will be more calm when they are at home.

Utilizing a commercial playground may help to treat the child that has ADHD. Even if the child does not have ADHD, children tend to be hyperactive in nature anyway; this is the body asking for work. Instead of having to punish the kids for the noise level, you can let them release it in a more healthy way for them and a more stress relieving way for you. Taking the time to walk a few blocks to the park with the kids will provide numerous benefits to the children and in the process, you getting more exercise will help stabilize the chemical health of your body.

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