Commercial Solar Panels – Expensive?

by Kelvin Redfield on November 15, 2010

If you don’t like the idea of do-it-yourself (DIY) solar panel or rather think that it is way too much work to justify in the end and you have extra cash in your hand, buying a commercial solar panel isn’t a bad choice either. You will still able to reduce your power bills and enjoy in the benefit in the long run.

There is no standard price for solar panels. Depending on the quality, age and technology, you might find yourself spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to purchase them. Also, you should take in the consideration of the installation and maintenance cost as well. Getting a cheaper solar panel system does not mean that you got yourself a fair deal. It is not that simple. Here is some pro tip for you; How much would you willingly to pay is measured on the power of the panel will generate for you.

So, this is one of the reason why people willingly to spent their money and time to pick an expensive, branded and quality solar panel for their home. A brand new and quality solar panel can generate more energy than the cheap solar panel, and not to mention that, a new and expensive solar panel have longer lifespan. The additional lifespan alone justifies the expensive price.

Keep in your mind that a solar panel begin to “age” and their resale value will decreases once they got exposed to the effect of sunlight in order to generate electricity. In other word, a solar panel does not lose their value as long as they are kept in the storage and unusable. This will maintain their full lifespan for many decades, unless there are a new technology renders them obsolete.

If you are really short of cash to buy a brand new solar panel set, buying a used solar panel is another excellent move to consider. Despite of their images and condition, used solar panel is not that terrible when it comes to payback. Best of all, it is cheap and affordable to a lot of people. Their efficiency and lifespan might be slightly lower compare to the new one, but most of them are still in a condition which can support and generate enough electricity for many more years. Therefore, as long as the price per watt and warranty condition justifies the purchase, you should purchase it without any hesitation.

As for the entire installation cost of solar panel in your house, this isn’t surprising to find a commercial contractor to quoting you $5000 to $20000 for the installation cost. You need to understand that the price quotation is heavily depending on your house size and your average electricity consumption.

Sure that the installation of solar panels in your house can cut deep of your wallet at first, but if you are looking for the long-term, it is a worthy investment. It does not take long for your solar panel system to earn this money back that you invested on them. And once you did get back your money investment, the rest of the day, there is nothing you can do except enjoy the benefit that provided by your solar panels.

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