Contour Pillows and Its Many Different Types

by GuestPoster on March 15, 2012

Contour pillows are all the rage these days. They are basically orthopedic pillows which were specially meant to position the entire body correctly while resting or sleeping. Certain guidelines are employed when designing these pillows which therefore ensure proper support to all of the correct places for different areas of the user’s body. Contour pillows can be seen in many different designs and shapes in order to best support distinct areas of one’s body. Among the most utilized kinds of such cushions are wedge pillows, knee pillows, travel neck pillows and lumbar pillows. Continue reading to get an idea of what these different pillow types are.

Wedge Pillows
- Wedge pillows are specifically meant to elevate or lift your head as well as body in order to relieve pressure and also to provide breathing comfort. This particular contour pillow is great for mildly lifting your body and/or feet to ease any swelling that is caused by injury and/or surgery. The wedge pillow comes highly recommended for people who are suffering from gastric acid reflux and/or other conditions related to indigestion. Many individuals make use of these pillows for day to day activities of relaxing, reading, watching television, etc.

Knee Pillows
- Knee pillows, as the term already implies, are positioned underneath your knees while you rest or sleep on your back in order to keep the lumbar vertebra curve. If it happens that you are a side sleeper, the knee support pillow can be placed in between your legs and knees in order to help minimize the flexion strain along your lower hip.

Neck and Head Pillows
- These pillows are typically curved. They are positioned beneath your head as well as neck just the same as with an average pillow. The head and neck support cushion helps protect the curvature of your top spinal column or backbone by positioning your head parallel towards the sleeping surface and aptly supporting your entire neck.

Lumbar Pillow
- The lumbar pillow is basically a cushion that aptly supports the back and it is normally positioned beneath your lower back within the back of a side sleeping posture, as well as beneath the tummy for that added support. The design of the lumbar pillow is specifically meant to support your lumbar and thoracic curves while you are in the stomach or back sleeping posture and keeps your spinal column level while you are resting or sleeping on your side.

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