Curtains Or Blinds? You Can’t Go Wrong With Either One

by GuestPoster on February 16, 2011

Is it time to spruce up the interior of your home with a new look?  If so, you have a lot of choices.  Many people struggle with the decision of what type of window dressing to go with.  The choice really comes down to curtains or blinds.  They have both gained in popularity recently and the result is a great selection and high quality.  You really can’t go wrong with either one.  Both have the ability to instantly make a dramatic improvement to the look and feel of your home. The following are some things that may be helpful as you try and decide which way to go.

1.  Curtains have been around much longer than blinds.  When blinds first hit the market curtains kind of took a back seat.  They became “old school.”  Well they have made a huge comeback and are as popular as ever.  The quality has improved and they have done wonders with many different styes, patterns, colors and textures.  The latest hot trend is eyelet curtains.  These bring a different look and functionality than traditional curtains.  This is just one example of many great styles available.  Curtains new found popularity means it is easy to find something of your taste in the stores.  You will have no problem finding ready made curtains that are perfect for your home.

2.  Blinds create a much different look and feel than curtains.  They tend to make your home sleek and contemporary.  Their functionality is a great feature not to be overlooked.  There is no sliding of curtains open or closed.  Blinds give you the ability to vary the amount of light you want entering the room with the twist of a rod.  There are many styles to choose from and you can get them in any color you want.

Do not fret to long over your decision.  It can be difficult, I know.  Both have come a long way and have so much to offer.  Picture your home in your mind and try to imagine how it would look with some nice blinds.  Do the same for curtains.  This is really all you can do as it will come down to you and your style. Then shop around for both.  As you start to see different possibilities the right choice will become obvious to you.

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