Dating Tips For Shy Guys

by Kelvin Redfield on July 12, 2011

For the shy guy, date a girl can be difficult. And that is why you need to gear yourself with a dating tips and knowledge before you make your move. A sufficient preparation and tips at your disposal can make a difference in your life. If you have a difficult time to date a girl in a face-to-face situation or don’t have any female friends in your circle of friends, you can go to dating online website for find one. Everyone who went to that site has the same intention as you; to find a partner. So, don’t feel bad when you are visiting that site. First of all, please layout your profile (things you like to do and who you would like to meet) on the website. This information will help women to find you. Also, put a decent picture of yourself. If you have the coolest picture of yourself, put it.

Since you are chatting with other girls through email or online chats, it is alright for you to be more open than your usual self in reality. There is no reason for you to be nervous about it since you are not interacting with her face-to-face. During your conversation between her, you can add some flirting into the conversation. Flirting makes the conversation more engaging than usual tone. Of course, don’t go overboard with flirting though. Too much flirting content can screw you up. When you receive your first email or reply from a woman, please respond it in a friendly manner. Keep responding until you get familiar with her; what she is interested and what her communication style. Once you feel confidence enough, you can start to talk about anything without feeling shy. Being you is a key in the relationship. Many women love a guy who is confidence with himself. Since you are chatting through online, you should talk to her like how you usually take with your friends. This will make her and you feel comfortable when talking with each other.

During your conversation, you should try to impress or praise her. For example, you can talk about how beautiful is her profile pictures and how sweet she is. Never pause your conversation and do some experiment while you are chatting. If her responds so far are positive and fast, then you are in the good position to ask her out for a date. However, the girl shows little interest and barely replies to you, you should stop chatting with her and move on. Do not get discouraged when the girls rejected or show no interest for you. After all, it is not like they know who you are in the real life.

In your first date, you should dress up with appropriate outfits. First impression is important in first date. This decide whether the girl want to be your girlfriend or not. You may have a difficulty to talk with her or feel shy when you made an eye contact with her, but you should not give up your first date. Be confidence and talk to her just like you are chatting with her online. The only difference in your current situation is that you are going to express yourself with your voice instead of typing the word.

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