Defense of The Ancient – Nerubian Assassin

by Kelvin Redfield on February 13, 2011

Nerubian Assassin is one of the heroes of the Warcraft III custom map, Defense of The Ancient. Whether you are playing for casual or competitive, nerubian assassin can be deadly at the right hand. Agility is the main attribute for nerubian assassin, but this does not means that this hero can be played same as other agility hero. Contrary to other agility heroes, this nerubian warrior is actually weak in melee fight. It is also extremely fragile. If you are not careful, this hero can be killed within 2 seconds flat. In other words, this hero is not easy to play. You need a decent experience to play this bug.

Despite being an “agility” hero, this hero does not have great attack speed or fast movement or high armor. His natural stat gain for each level is decent as well. However, in order to compensate its weakness, it comes with 4 powerful abilities. He can stun multiple enemies with his impale, burn his opponent’s mana point away, silence his opponent, and finally, he can backstab his prey with a huge chuck of damage.

Since each of his abilities require a lot of mana point to execute, this is why its rely heavily on intelligence items instead of agility items. His main role is to gank and support the team. His solely goal is to kill or delay his opponent teammate as much as he can. The most popular item build for this hero is bottle and dagon. With the helps of the bottle, this hero can roam all over the map and capture the rune with ease. Dagon improves nerubian assassin strength as ganker by 40%. Just in case that the game is not ended after you got the dagon, you can either goes for ethereal blade or diffusal blade. Both of these items improve your chance by margin to kills. Do not feel bad if you start to find yourself having a hard time to kill your opponent in the late game. It is normal for other heroes to outclassed nerubian assassin after a certain of periods. If that happens, always stick together with your teammate and support them unconditional. Team victory is far more important than the personal frags.

The common skills build is for this hero is; impale, manaburn, impale, urna swarm, impale, vendetta, mana burn, mana burn, mana burn, urna swarm/stat point, vendetta, urna swarm/stat point, urna swarm/stat point, stat point, vendetta and the rest into stat point.

On the first glance, urna swarm may look useless and waste of skill points. But it is not true. With a decent micromanagement, the urna swarm can be an asset for your team. The ability to silence or interrupt your opponent to cast their spells is just too god to be ignore. If you are not good in controlling the urna swarm, you can use them as a ward. With their natural burrow ability, you can plant them at any location you wish, and this will grant your team the view of that location. Burrowing them on the rune spot is recommended as this will give your team an upper hand to search and get the rune before your opponent did.

When it comes to kill your opponent, the general strategy for nerubian assassin to use his skills is; vendetta, normal hit/mana burn, impale, hit, hit and cast dagon. Another method is, impale, get closer, hit/manaburn, then finish it with vendetta or dagon. It is all depends on the situation.

Nerubian Assassin can be a fun hero to play if you know what you are doing. It is never get old to see this hero to dishes 800+ damage and kill the opponent within 2 seconds. It is not advisable for you to play nerubian assassin as an attacker or tanker. While you can do that if you are good, but in the end, a battle nerubian assassin is just pale in comparison to other heroes who are natural attacker and tanker.

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