Discover the Best Plyometric Workouts to Boost Vertical Jump

by GuestPoster on May 21, 2011

In order to enhance your vertical leap requires tons of effort, motivation, along with performing the workouts in the correct way. Employ the following plyometric exercises listed below to assist you in adding considerable inches to your vertical. If you wish to attain your prime objective of being able to leap higher than anybody else, then you should set up simpler and smaller goals of executing the workouts correctly the very first time.

The below listed plyometric exercises for vertical jump development are all extremely different and efficient ways to augment your jump height. Make it a point that you perform all of them and not just one or two of them.

1. The very first exercise is called push up jumps. All that you need is to first stand upright with feet shoulder distance apart. Drop down into a typical push up pose as quickly as you possibly can. Once in that position, perform a usual push up. Next, bring both of your legs underneath you, just like that when you are squatting then immediately jump up into the air as explosively as possible. As soon as you land, repeat the entire process. This can be performed for as many reps as you choose.

2. The next best plyometric workout for jump development is referred to as the drop jump. To properly perform this routine, you will need to find yourself a box, which is sturdy enough to hold your weight and is at least two to three feet tall. Stand with both feet along the box’s edge and then simply step off it. Land with both of your knees slightly bent as you absorb the force. Maintain hold of the exact same position in which you landed in for a couple of counts and then quickly move back up on top of the box. Again, you can do as many reps of this routine as you please.

3. Deep lunge jumps is the last workout that you should do in order to enhance your vertical leap. You will need a wide open space in order to fully execute this exercise, like that of a basketball court for example. Be aware that you are definitely going to feel sore all over the following morning after doing this routine, but just bear with it since the results that you will obtain from it will surely be worth the pain. To start off, go into a lunging position like what you did with the other workout. Leap forward using both your legs to thrust or push off. Land on the ground in exactly the same stance and footing as before. Cover the entire basketball court jumping in this manner and then go back towards the other end of the court with the opposite foot forward.

These routines are extremely easy to follow and can immensely help you in achieving astounding results. Do not get fooled since although they are rather easy to learn, they are surely going to be difficult to perform. Plyometrics exercises, apart from being very effective, can also make your muscles sore the following morning, but then again, no pain, no gain – right?

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