Do We Have a Divine Mother?

by GuestPoster on December 22, 2011

There has been speculation throughout the ages about the question of a divine mother. We have been told through the Holy Bible that we have a divine father that we call God, Our Heavenly Father. There are other names for God the Father mentioned, too, such as “Elohim.” There has never been a definitive answer about a divine mother, but some people think that it only makes sense that we would have one. Mary was the mother of Jesus. She was the earthly mother of Jesus. His father was God the Father.

Because of his mortal mother and immortal father, he was able to overcome death and become resurrected on the third day after his death. Jesus still lives today. His unique genetic makeup has been a blessing to all mankind who will now be able to be resurrected. We have Jesus to thank for this, since he paid the price and paved the way for each and every person who has ever lived on this earth. We can also be grateful for God the Father who let Jesus do this for us. Because all of our understanding of life is based on a father and mother who bring forth children, we tend to think that a divine mother does exist.

There has been talk that Our Heavenly Father has not mentioned her to any of the ancient prophets because he did not want her existence to be mocked or her name to become a common swear word. This may be the case. Until we die, I suppose we will not know if there is a divine mother. In our limited understanding, we speculate that she exists. There are religions and cultures who believe that there is a divine goddess. Ancient mythology had goddesses who were revered and worshipped. In modern days, the amount of worship of a divine female has decreased. This does not eradicate the curiosity, though, about whether she is there.

One way to look at divinity in a female form is what we call “Mother Earth” or “Mother Nature”; however it seems that this approach is more that earth and nature give us sustenance as a mother does. There are groups who perceive Mother Earth as a spiritual being, claiming that the earth itself does have a spirit. People who have had near-death experiences have a common phenomenon to report: That all things have a spirit and exist as spirit. In some cases they exist in spirit in addition to their physical bodies. This is difficult for the human mind to grasp. However, if their claim is true, then it would make sense that the earth does indeed have a spirit. There are so many ways to approach the subject of a divine female omnipotent type.

There may be a female counterpart to God our Heavenly Father who watches down on us to help us make it through difficult circumstances. Nobody will deny that there are times when life is extremely hard and somehow we manage to survive the trials we face. Aside from the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised to send as The Comforter, perhaps there is a heavenly mother who loves us. Perhaps she hopes that we return home to her and to our Heavenly Father. Perhaps we all lived as one gigantic happy family in Heaven before we were born and like most mothers, she is hoping we all return safely. Regardless of whether we have a mother in heaven or not, we still have all the tools we need to make it through life successfully. Jesus came to earth to live as the example. It would behoove us to follow his example.

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