Do You Know What Makes A Good Diabetic Shoe

by GuestPoster on December 28, 2010

Do you know what makes a good diabetic shoe? The best diabetic shoes are designed to do a few things differently than traditional shoes. Diabetic shoes are designed to be more supportive to your feet. They have a bigger foot opening meant to accommodate the larger size foot of many diabetics and to allow for the insertion of larger and more robust insoles which can be individually designed to shape to the foot of the individual. Many diabetics have irregular shaped feet due to injuries in the past and custom insoles are often needed to minimize irritation and pressure points that normal shoe shapes inflict on the foot.

People with diabetes also tend to have wider feet than non-diabetic persons so diabetic shoes are almost always a bit wider and deeper than normal shoes but are not necessarily. One feature that is almost always consistent with diabetic shoes is that they are tougher than casual shoes. Diabetic people are prone to having foot injuries that do not heal very well. This includes injuries as simple as bumps and bruises. A simply sprain or bruise on the foot may be problematic for much longer than necessary simply because of poor circulation and poor healing.

If a diabetic shoe is designed to be tougher it will be more likely to protect the foot from bumps that could cause bruises and especially from bumps that could cause fractured toes. Not all diabetic shoes will be this robust but they will trend to be tougher and more protective than conventional shoes.

Additionally the best shoes for diabetic people will fit well but will not be tight. A good diabetic shoe is meant to promote healthy circulation so they are unlikely to be too tight. This also helps in keeping feet dry as more room to breath implies that air circulation can help keep feet dry. This can help in limiting moisture buildup which can be bad for wounds which are trying to heal.

Obviously wearing the best shoes is not a ticket to total foot health, you also have to follow all other facets of proper diabetic foot care. You have to wear the right footwear around the house, the right socks, and you have to care for your feet properly, keeping them clean and dry, while always inspecting them for small cuts and injuries than may need tending to. A good diabetic shoe can go a long way to lasting foot health for diabetics just don’t neglect the other stuff.

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