Does Hypnosis Work?

by GuestPoster on February 11, 2011

One way to change your life is through hypnosis.  Hypnosis is a trance like state where, because your conscious mind becomes very relaxed, you become highly suggestible and block out most of the stimuli around you except your hypnotist.  Most people have heard of or seen hypnosis in action, but the most common question is does it work.

First lets look at what hypnotism is and how it happens.  Some would say that you become hypnotized – aka highly suggestible – during daily activities such as TV watching, reading and repetitive tasks you know well.  All things that result in the conscious mind relaxing and access to the subconscious equal more suggestibility to varying degrees.  It is the same reason that we also suggest meditation techniques for beginners.  Normally it is hard for us to get to this place due to our conscious mind guiding the ship.  Enter hypnosis.  The funny thing is it is actually the subconscious that executes the numerous patterns we live out daily we just don’t realize this.  So it completely stands to reason that if we can introduce a pattern to the subconscious mind in a very powerful way that pattern will start to show up in our life around us.

Whether traditional hypnotism can work for you or not depends on a few factors.  The primary question to be examined is whether you are willing to surrender to someone planting ideas in your mind. Some people have found this is not something they can do, and others have.  The thing to remember is that they are of course professionals and are bound by that method of operation.  Secondly, although suggestions can be made to your subconscious it may not equal instant change.  Your current patterns were built over time and it may take time for new ones to over write them.  That being said if your mind is able to receive these suggestions then there is a measure of success, which mean progress.

In short, yes, hypnotism works.  Like everything in life – different strokes for different folks. Only you can know if it is a method that you can employ to get to where you want to go.  You are after all the best person to assess this, and if you have questions then check with a professional hypnotist and have them help you with the answers.  In the end your own inner guidance will always get you to where you need to go.

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