Don’t be a Baby

by GuestPoster on October 12, 2011

With a new baby coming you have so much to worry about, and places to be.  If you were to look at a snapshot of your current life five years from now you may not even recognize it.  Not to say that you will not be so happy to have your little bundle of joy!  Mentioning snapshots, it is an excellent idea to document your baby’s growth on a weekly or monthly basis.   People have done this in almost every way over the last hundred years, but with the dawn of a new type of technology it has given us options that we never thought we would have.

I would say that my personal favorite idea to store baby pictures is to join an online community that will allow you to save pictures of your baby online.  The great thing about this is that you do not have to worry about hard copies of pictures and negatives being damaged.  Another advantage is that no matter what size and format the picture is it can almost always be saved in any size that you require.  You do not have to worry about requesting reprints of a wallet-size photo in a larger version and having the picture blurry because you are not able to find the negatives or original memory card.  I have only scratched the surface of the advantages that the internet can offer for saving pictures, but if you would like more information I have included a link to an excellent site about online baby photo albums.

On the same token, if you are having a baby you may be interested in ways to keep your baby healthy and eating right.  If you are I cannot help but inform you about a method that I found that worked wonders for myself and my daughter.  When my baby first began eating bottled food I was struggling with the price and could barely afford what I needed to help her eat healthily.   Also, I was bothered by all of the additives and other preservatives that the companies put in the jars of food.  A close friend mentioned to me that she makes her own baby food, and since then it has improved my financial situation greatly!

She made me aware that baby food can be easily made at home one weekly or monthly.  All that I would need to get started was a baby food processor and some raw ingredients .  I quickly read what I could on the internet and began making my own baby food.  I have since saved hundreds monthly on food costs and my baby could not be healthier.  If you would like more information please visit the following site about making baby food and easy baby food recipes.

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