Earth4Energy Guide – A Brief Review

by Kelvin Redfield on March 21, 2011

Earth 4 Energy is a comprehensive DIY guidebook that shows you how to generate your own source of energy and reduce your electricity bills by 80%. The author of this book, who named Michael Harvey, has 15 years of industrial experience in renewable energy.

The process of building the solar panel and wind generator that explained in Earth 4 Energy is not complicated as one may think. The layout of this guide is easy to navigate. The entire content is written in simple English, and the instruction is extremely details and clear. There is no fluff or bogus in the Earth 4 Energy. Everything is straight to the point. In order to make sure everyone completely understand the process, the guide also included with high-quality photos and videos as support.

Believe it or not, you only need $200 to start the entire DIY project. Compare to the commercial solar panels in the shop that can easily cost thousands of dollars, $200 for a panel is literally a steal. There is a section in the guide that will teach you how to get all the available spare parts with appropriate prices. All the materials and components are easily accessible.

The amount of the electricity that can generate by homemade solar panel is as good as the commercial solar panel. It is good enough to run all the home appliances like computer, washing machine and TV.

The Earth 4 Energy is a downloadable program. Once you made your purchase, you can download this guidebook immediately, even it is midnight. Of course, if you are not satisfied or happy with this guidebook, you can ask for a full refund.

Click Here To Download Earth 4 Energy

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