Easy Ideas To Get Cool Business Cards

by GuestPoster on February 3, 2012

The most important feature of any business card is to present information about the owner as clearly and perfectly as possible. Once this has been settled, you can then have your fun deciding how to make your business cards look as cool and unique as possible. It’s not just enough that your cards show all your important contact details and business information, they should also show them in a way that shows you and your business prospects in the best light. Try one of the ideas below to get your business cards looking so cool that everyone who receives them will be delighted and will definitely keep them.

Plastic business cards

The general idea of how cheap business cards should be is that they are made with paper, but in reality you may be wasting more money if you always go for paper business cards. This is because paper is not immune to getting wet, crumpled, and stained with dirt, and you know that all paper cards that look less than perfect should not be handed out anymore. If you want a batch of cards where you will be one hundred percent certain that every single card will be used, then go for plastic business cards. These may cost more than regular old paper cards, but when you see how every plastic business card is resistant to dirt, wrinkles, wetness, and stains, you can see that you will be definitely saving money as each and every card will inevitably find its way into a pair of welcoming hands. Plastic business cards are available at most printing companies and can be printed in any style, design and color you can do with paper cards.

Embossed or raised ink printing

Getting colorful ink shades is generally considered important if you want your business cards to look interesting, but for a truly special look, try going for embossed or raised ink printing. Embossed business cards feature raised areas on the surface of the paper to make special words and symbols stand out. Raised ink printing on business cards involves sprinkling a powder on the printed areas that will make the ink rise. These two methods of printing give a very unique three-dimensional effect, which can emphasize certain words, phrases or signs that you feel need to be enhanced. Many printing companies feature embossed and/or raised ink printing on their business card deals, and you can decide among many design choices like single color, multi color, foil ink for a striking metallic look, and many other styles that will definitely make your cards look cool and special.

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