Effective Acne Treatment

by Kelvin Redfield on April 25, 2011

“Effective Acne Treatment”, the first three words that will appear in people’s mind is when they spotted the very first sign of acne or pimple emerges on their faces. While there is many acne treatments option claiming to be most effective acne treatment, many of them usually fail to deliver the results.

In order to find the most effective acne treatment, you must understand the root of what causing acne on your face. Contrary to the popular belief, hormonal changes in the human body is the true reason for acne surface. When the hormonal changes are happening, our body will produce an excessive amount of oil. These oils will traps the moisture and dirt in the skin cells, which will causes blackheads and acne within a short period.

Acne medications can be considered as an effective acne treatment if your acne condition is at mild level. For the severe or critical condition, using acne medications can be difficult as massive usage may provoke unwelcome side-effect on your skins. The acne medications range from antibiotics, oral contraceptive, Isotretinion to Nicotinamide. While antibiotics can be an effective acne solution, it is often not recommended for long-term usage. In the worse scenario, it may affect the vital organs, like the liver.

For those who have hormonal imbalances, they can find a huge relief with oral contraceptive consumption. As for Isotretinion and Nicotinamide, these two are usually used for quick aid for the acne patients. It is important to note that excessive Isotretinoin can result several side-effects. Severe rash depression is one of the harsh side-effect that the user may experience. Consult with your doctor or healthcare provider is recommended if you want to take any of these prescriptions.

There is one crucial fact that you need to know, everyone has different types of skin. Some people with dry skin condition may able get a good result with moisturizing, while others, especially the one with oily skin, may experience different outcome once they applied on moisturizer. Having a dry skin means your skin will have a slow healing process, which leads to longer scale of acne breakouts.

Washing your face regularly is one of the most basic yet effective methods to counter acne depressing sight. However, one should not wash his face more than 2 times as this will make the skins oily than usual. Applying honey mask twice a week also helps to repair and boost tissue growth of the skins. In additional, a healthy diet can be also considered as an effective acne treatment action, since it plays a crucial role to control and prevent any future acne breakouts.

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