Energy Efficient Outdoor Solar Lights

by GuestPoster on December 16, 2010

Solar lights draw its energy from the heat of the sun. They are cheaper to run because they do not use up electricity. The amount of sunlight you regularly get is the biggest consideration you have to take when deciding to have solar powered lights. If you are living in a relatively sunny area and looking for an efficient and eco-friendly way to light up your house, then solar lighting is just right for you.

Some forms of light utilizing solar energy are outdoor lights, which you can easily install in your garden or entranceway. Outdoor solar lights are available using regular bulbs or LEDs. Light emitting diodes (LED) have been widely used today, not just for lighting up your outdoor area but as LED grow lights for indoor gardening. Lack of wiring, easy installation, low cost and maintenance are among the advantages of having outdoor solar powered lights. There are several types of solar powered lights for your outdoor area. Choose one according to its intended use.

Solar spotlights are ideal for highlighting landscapes, in lighting up trees, shrubs and other garden features. The spotlight can also be used for illuminating a house number, creating a light of either white or colored glow. If you want to light a larger area, several fixtures may be required.

Solar floodlights are made for safety and security reasons. Installation is quickly done almost anywhere you want to give security. These are the types of lights you would most often see at high security areas, to help dissuade intruders and trespassers. The innovative fixture also includes a switch for manual on/off setting and a light sensor, which automatically activates the light when it becomes dark and deactivates the light during daytime.

Solar accent lights are perfect for that special area where you want to illuminate and add a touch of beauty. As the name implies, these types of solar lights are made to accent your landscapes. This is truly a versatile outdoor lighting that will add character and different approach to your home garden.

Solar lighting is one of the most cost effective ways to add beauty and protection to your home while doing your part in preserving the environment. There are different solar lights that you need to look at. Where you want to put it and for what reason why you need to have one will give you a hint and guide which type is right for you.

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