Essentials For A Good Golf Swing

by GuestPoster on January 31, 2011

Every person who has ever played eighteen holes has at some time looked for effective swing tips for golf. If the goal is to be a good golfer, the swing must be mastered. The following steps are a good place to start.

1.  Find a swing that works for you and practice it on a regular basis. Ask a golf pro to critique your efforts. Make a videotape of your swings and watch it along with written notes.  Repeated hours of proper arm and shoulder movement, coupled with head position and foot placement, will create a certain level of muscle memory that eventually will make the swing nearly automatic.

2. Become physically fit.  As much as Tiger Woods has been lauded for his powers of concentration, his strength and muscle tone are just as big a part of his game.  While golf is viewed by some as a decent physical workout on a sunny day, those wanting to improve their game will put in the time necessary to improve their overall strength and stamina. The upper torso should be a target of this exercise but a good cardiovascular workout is also indispensable.

3. Choose your golf clubs carefully. Avoid using cheaply made clubs as those will certainly not raise the level of your game. Gently used, good clubs are usually available from acquaintances around the locker room or the pro shop and can be found at attractive prices during end of season sales and on the internet.

4. Do not put yourself in a pressure cooker. Golf is a game to be enjoyed while it is being mastered. Every person who has played has made bad, even horrific, shots. Keep your head down and your eye on the ball, move the club backward  and then let your muscle memory take over. The hours of practice at the driving range or the putting green, if done in the spirit of “want to” rather than “have to”, will take over and your game will improve but it will not happen overnight.

The longest journey starts with a single step. Golf must be learned but even the best tips on golf swing must be practiced. Shoot for success the first time out but do not despair if failure shows up instead. Take the process slowly and enjoy the ride.

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