Fax Made Portable With Online Fax Services

by GuestPoster on September 22, 2011

Though faxing has been a means of sharing documents for quite some time, it was never really very convenient.  Portability was unthinkable back in the golden days of fax machines and even with the arrival of software to fax from a computer, we still need to carry our laptops everywhere we went. Now this is all changing thanks to the development of smartphones and new features brought by email fax services.

Nowadays you can really fax from anywhere! If you don’t have a machine, you have a computer and if you don’t have a computer you can use your phone. Fax from cell phone technology became available some years ago with the feature of “mobile notifications”.  In recent times, with the arrival of the iPhone and the Blackberry phones we can turn our cell phones into little virtual fax machines.

Iphone fax apps have become very popular and leading fax service companies such as Ringcentral, Myfax and eFax have launched already the first apps that can help you in receiving but also sending faxes! To send a fax, an app uses the camera of your iPhone and this digital snapshot is then converted into a fax image. Similar apps can be found in the Blackberry and android marketplace as well.

Though there are free apps to download, they are very limited and serve as a way to pull people into paying expensive plans. My advice is just to stick to the best email fax services such as the ones I mentioned here and instead choose to open a free account for 30 days.  This free trial will let you enjoy all features of a basic plan with your selected company.

As you can see, if you are constantly on the go, there is no need of keeping fax away from your life!

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