Features of the GoPro Surf Camera

by GuestPoster on April 20, 2012

A lot of surf cameras have come and gone over the years. Something new will come onto the market once in a while which will really excite surfers around the world, but at the end of day these cameras don’t last very long. The conditions are so rough out there that it is tough get on top of things. You may hit a rough spot in the surf and there goes your camera flying or it may just scrape a rock which means that it is beyond repair. Surfers have now accepted that surf cameras that you put on your board are maybe just not meant to be.

However, since the GoPro Surf camera has come onto the scene, surfers just could not resist a camera that proves to do so much. I must say the Hero2 version is doing a lot better than the first one, but even with that, this is a camera that has surpassed any other camera brought out before. I do believe that GoPro are the company who are able to deliver the goods. Surfers have even been using these on their shortboard which is saying something, since a lot of the time weight is a big issue, but the camera does not seem to drag you down.

I love the wide angled lens the most. This is able to capture so much more. You don’t just get a little dot with a couple waves behind as the end result. The GoPro Hero2 version has a mount which makes it more stable. This is a big, necessary upgrade from the first version. The other thing that is handy is the leash which attaches the camera to the board. The camera is unlikely to come off like most surf camera, but in the case where you hit a big wave, you will find this a handy feature.

Most surfers will complain how flimsy cameras are that you get. This time, it seems like GoPro has delivered the goods and come up with something solid. You can see this by looking at the camera. It has a firm casing where no water is going to seep through and should you scrape against a rock you will find that your camera is still in tact.

Software is easy enough to figure out. It doesn’t take a week to get to know your camera with some tears of frustration along the way. This is a case of putting the camera on the board and you are all set. You don’t have to go through an irritating menu either to get to where you want. It really couldn’t be easier.

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