Finding Great Jobs Without College Degrees

by GuestPoster on December 14, 2010

Though it may not feel that way for those who are entering the job market or looking to make a career transition, it is possible to find great jobs without college degrees. The number of white collar professions that allow entrants to gain employment without any post secondary education may be dwindling, but there are still many great careers that offer high salaries which require applicants to have only a high school or professional school education. By becoming better informed of these options, you may be able to make the transition that you dreamed of, and stop your reliance on the income from a 2nd job.

One of the best ways to support a family with money to spare is by learning a trade. Whether or not the trade is unionized, the preparation process is typically quite similar. For professions like plumbers or electricians, there are short professional schools that will give you the skills you need to enter into this high paying field. After you have finished school, you may begin working for a more experienced tradesman as a full time employee or as an apprentice. The great thing about either of occupations is that they offer plenty of opportunities to become your own boss.

A line that is often overlooked in job postings is one stating that they will accept candidates with experience that is equivalent to a college degree. In secretarial work, it is still possible to find a high paying position with full benefits if you have prior experience. When trying to transition to a new career, look for a second job that will give you some background in general administrative work, which will make you a better candidate to future employers. If your lack of experience makes finding such a job impossible, find a non-profit organization that will allow you to volunteer in their offices to gain the experience that you need.

Some who have not attended college are unsure about their writing and computer skills, particularly those that are required to write and design the perfect resume. If this is the case, many community colleges and local employment centers will give you the skills to create the perfect resume that will show off your skills to their best advantage. Taking advantage of these often free services is a good way to ensure that you are making the best impression possible on potential employers.

If you are looking for great jobs without college degrees, there are a surprising number of options available to you. There is no reason that your lack of a college education should deter you from getting a well paying job that is challenging and fulfilling.

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